European Vacation trip 1 Day 1 Dallas to London

I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and see all the historic places you read about and see in history books. I also frankly needed to reassure myself that I can travel and go to far distant lands by myself with only a new Iphone and the internet to guide me. Everything I had on my back in a normal sized backpack. The strategy was stealth, nimble, able to change plans or adapt to whatever situation I might find myself in. I guess I could have made all sorts of plans, booked hotels, schedule events, but I think I just needed to not have to be anywhere for a while. Sometimes showing up at a set time, a routine gets to me so this will help alleviate that itch.

Sunday morning I started pacing as I woke up fairly early. Not much else to do but wait for my ride. My friend Jeremy works in the international gate at DFW so I have to trust him to know how long it will take to get me to the airport on time. He ended up timing it perfectly; I breezed through security and made the gate with 20 min to spare. I was in the gate waiting long enough to make a call to forward all my calls to voicemail while I was away. Texts were supposed to be stopped, but of course they came through anyway, extra charge as I was out of country.

I’m always amazed at what little you get for such a hefty plane ticket. It’s a long flight, too, so where’s my $ going? I tell you, they should stop in flight service, no food or drinks because that just makes you have to pee, which means you walk over the person next to you or bump someone on the way to the toilet. I guess airline jokes just write themselves, it is pretty bad but worth it. I did encounter the angry flyer at the search part. He had a minor point; it wasn’t set up well so anyone could come at any direction. They had a special line just for premium and special needs flyers which were promptly ignored by a couple who thought it was just another line. He huffed and gruffed, called out some TSA person that it was wasting his time and people were just standing around. I passed him and smiled as he was pulled aside and given a no doubt through search.

Its incidents like this that make me think about active in certain situations. Admittedly this guy had several valid points but they all didn’t matter in this instance. You see only certain times is it ok to express an opinion otherwise it will cost you. In this case he was searched, completely uncalled for he didn’t look like a threat but because he spoke up and brought attention to himself, he called out the TSA, the people in charge of that situation. You don’t do that because you don’t really control things. In just a few moments that situation could easily turn criminal. Who knows if they can make up charges but they could detain you long enough to miss your flight. Sometimes it’s not worth calling out that you are right and the situation may be silly. You have to adapt and pick your battles, yes, pick your battles.

I found my seat in the middle of the plane, coach seat, only a bit of a recline. I didn’t think I would be able to sleep basically seated for eight hours but I did. Thinking of the upcoming week and all the places I would go, the things I would do, lulled me to sleep.

european vacation 2010 002.JPG


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