Jason’s fav TV programs

1)    The Wire- this needs to be watch by every person once they get out of high school. So real, I cried.  Yes I did, because no one wants to change and yet this series makes the best argument that it’s long overdue to try things a different way…

2)      Monty Python’s Flying Circus- (no comments needed, its completely + utterly brilliant)

3)      Deadwood- best character ever= Al Swearengen, he was vulgar, crass, & degenerate human being, but always has the best lines and real advice.

4)      Dexter- bout time the lines between good and bad were blurred to this degree. good cinematography and writing

5)      Band of Brothers- I watch this every year and every year I am thankful.

6)      Wonder Years- Every boy has a Winnie Cooper type crush growing up and it doesn’t work out, which is always a good lesson to learn young.

7)      X-Files- I’ve seen every single episode. yes I did go in order but it didn’t help. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the truth, which is probably the point: the quest teaches you more than the answers you seek

8)      Futurama- best cartoon ever and its way more clever than any live action show.

9)      Chappelle’s Show- too funny and amazing to find out Eddie Murphy’s brother is funnier than he is. Charlie Murphy!

10)   Arrested Development- wow how did this show make it onto network TV? Oh don’t worry, they canceled it after 3 seasons… yet American Idol is still on the air + popular as ever.


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