Opening Day thoughts

Baseball is the US equivalent of cricket in the UK (their season is ending now) and perhaps futbol (soccer) all over the world. I freely admit, watching baseball on TV can be as fun as watching grass grow or paint dry sometimes. when you are in the stadium though, the smell of grass, food cooking, the announcer’s cadence, the organ songs and the crack of the bat, I tell you that is something special to me. The Rangers actually have a great park even compared to the others in the US. I took a now legendary baseball stadium tour right after I finished college visiting 5 stadiums in 5 days, the crown being Wrigley Field. now that is a stadium and they sure don’t make them like that anymore, mainly because businessmen can’t watch a game unless they are in an A/C catered plush box, high above the common folk. I’ve been in one of those boxes, no one watches the actual game, they look at the replay on TVs or just talk shop, oblivious to the game. That is pointless; just stay at home if you are going to watch it on TV. Give me the cheap seats, the ones where one older fella is keeping score of the game on paper. The seats where there’s a couple guys listening the radio broadcast on headphones. The seats where you will get beer spilled on you, possibly deliberately if you are acting up or hit by a foul ball.  Most importantly, seat me in the section where there are kids wearing their favorite player’s jersey and are screaming their heads off cheering for their team. Play Ball!


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