I was sitting at my cube, hard at work, when I hear Jay say, ‘There’s a tornado on Harry Hines (close street to my work)?!’ Having lived in KS, I’m well aware of the standard tornado drill protocol. Completely disregarded all those instructions (school desks can hold up a roof! That’s a fact and why you should hide under one during a tornado) We all sprang to the nearest window to see the spectacle. It was truly amazing and dagnabit, I didn’t photo or video anything. Dark, foreboding clouds circled just outside the building. These clouds were racing across the sky in a large, circular pattern. Had this storm developed, well a good part of uptown Dallas wouldn’t be there. I don’t think there was too much damage, we got lucky.

I never experienced a tornado whilst in KS, but I did living in a small town called Joshua TX when I was in middle school. The power went first, so the fam was huddled together with candles. The wind and rain fell down almost comically hard, maybe hail was in the mix. Suddenly everything stopped and it became very quiet and eerily calm. That’s when you really should be concerned because it means you are inside the funnel, the center. a tornado had touched down and followed the one major road in town (plus the lone stoplight + Dairy Queen). This road was maybe a mile from my house, if that. That was definitely one of the most intense movements of my life. Let’s not kid ourselves; we are not in control, we are at the mercy of weather.


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