Vote with your $

I wanted to take a moment to share with you something that I feel is important to mention. If nothing else, think about it and perhaps you’ll get your own takeaways. Usually round election time, everyone talks about voting and doing their civic duty, but only when there is a major election. What I realized is that everyone, everyday votes, no registration needed, felons, too. We vote with our money. Essentially, where + who you spend your cash is your way of saying, ‘I want this place to exist.’ The rational behind this is, people frequent the same place, it stays in business and perhaps expands, grows. The opposite is true, no one shops a store it closes its doors. What I can’t tell you where you should spend your $, that is only for you to decide. I did want you to start thinking and be a bit more aware when you go to a restaurant, get bad service, or visit a shop and have a bad experience, stop going there. Sure, it may stay in business but you aren’t helping it right?

I think this thought process is most important on a local level. I’ve started trying local restaurants, you know those places you may pass daily and think, ‘I wonder what if that place is good?’ I aim to find out! It’s fun to find a new spot and tell a friend so you both can enjoy it, a bit of a secret. Doing this also supports many people’s dreams. There is a fan store by my apartment & all they sell are personal fans, seriously, of any age and size. Sure going to a big store you might save a few bucks, but in this store, you can talk to the owner and he can tell you about every fan. Same deal with my record store, the guy behind the counter tells me an amazing story about seeing or meeting a band whose record I’m buying. I think that’s pretty cool so I keep going back. Get out and explore you neighborhood and see what hidden gems are out there…


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