European Vacation II- Day 1 Dallas to London

I walked the mile to nearest train station around dusk. I was heading north to Lewisville to meet Carlos and stay at his house. Our flight was early the next morning and he had arranged for a ride with a co worker to DFW Airport. I dropped him a text as the train slowly wound around the tracks, letting him know I was en route and to meet me at the train station soon. It was then I noticed my battery was nearly gone, to the point I probably wouldn’t make it to final stop before it ran down. I hoped he would consult train schedule and arrive at stop time.

Sure enough, my phone died right before I arrived. I waited about 20 minutes out front, until a couple more northbound trains arrived before walking to the QT across the street. I scanned around but didn’t see any sockets. I decided to buy a tea and ask about using an outlet. The manager pointed me near an ATM to a very hidden socket. I figured it would take another 15 minutes before my phone would turn on. It took about 45 minutes in all before Carlos arrived at QT and still my phone wouldn’t turn on. This is the moment I realized it was overdue to get a new phone, which sucks when you are about to be overseas for an extended period, but ultimately it would be for the best that I had an old phone on this trip.

We hung out at his apartment, drinking beers and talking about our trip. Soon I was catching up on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as I mentioned I’d never seen it. We watched several together before Carlos turned in for the night but still, I was restless. I couldn’t think I was so excited. The night before a trip is always the worst and I usually don’t sleep much or at all due to my excitement. Plenty of time for sleeps on the plane, hopefully.

Early the next morning we navigated the oh so fun experience that is airport security. This flight was still domestic so it wasn’t too bad. We landed in Miami and we had a few hours before our next flight to London. We took a stroll through NASA gift shop but didn’t notice we were paged. We walked up to the gate and the line to get on was only a handful of people. We were nearly the end of the line!

This was to be my first experience in business class as I had a lot of air miles so I spent a bit more to see if it was worth it. Indeed it is well worth it to be able to spread out, fully lay down plus they give you warmed nuts and serve beverages in glasses. Everything is free, too, so I had a few whiskey and gingers. After dinner I struck up a conversation with the flight attendant who recommended a brand of ESB beer I’d never heard of when I asked for an English beer.

They also give you a nice overnight bag in business class, too. It had toothpicks, eye shades, lotions and ear plugs. I wasn’t sure what the ear plugs were for until we took off. I now know why I had a seat in business class: it was next to the engine. It was very loud and sleep would not be possible without ear plugs. I’ve since upgraded to noise canceling headphones on flights and while expensive, it’s very worth it on long flights.

I extended my seat so that I could fully lie down. Sleep was still elusive and the noise from the engines didn’t help any. I sat back up and scrolled through the movie options. I turned on one and after awhile I fell asleep. Leave it to Hollywood to make a cure for the insomnia.


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