European Vacation II Day 3- London to Copenhagen

We woke up and took turns with our morning shower routines. We hit up a local spot for breakfast. I had a traditional English breakfast of eggs, beans, sausage and fries. It was most excellent and fit into my strategy for saving money. If you ate a big, filing breakfast, you didn’t have to eat much of a lunch. Snacking was the best option until dinner so you really only ate twice per day, the other times just snack.

We walked to the train station and procured tickets. Bay waited in a longer line to talk to a person and wound up buying a full ticket. Carlos and I were turned away at the gate to the train to the airport. When traveling by train, it is best to talk to a person to get the full fare ticket to your ultimate destination. You will save a lot of time and embarrassment at being turned away at a turnstile. There are usually 2 fees to get into an airport: 1 the actual tram ride to the airport, 2 airport tax, fee to enter the airport.

We boarded the plane after an extended walk and wait in the duty free shops. Over an hour we walked and waited. They for sure did this on purpose so people will shop for souvenirs, cigarettes and alcohol whilst waiting for their flight. I purchased some post cards and had enough time to fill them out, buy stamps and get them into the post. Luckily they thought to include stamps and post office at the airports.

easyJet is the Southwest Airlines of Europe. Everything was al la cart so you paid for only what was consumed on the flight. Sodas, nuts, fruits and full meals were available for purchase. We bought tickets only hours before yet we were seated up front, amongst the first to get off. I found this a bit odd given the other flights I’ve had in the US, the later the purchase, the further back of the airplane you sat. The ticket price was fair, about $50 for a hour and a half flight.

We landed in Copenhagen around 2 pm local time. We found the train to city centre and got on. We had previously research this leg so we knew which stop to get off so we could walk to the hotel. The first thing I noticed as we exited the train station was how many bicycles there were. Hundreds of bikes, not locked, lined the entrance in many neat rows. We truly were in bike friendly land. The ocean air was crisp too, smelled fresh and cool.

We walked several blocks to our hotel. We discovered that we were in the Red Light district so there were a lot of friendly females, spaced out guys wandering around, and things generally could have used a good scrub, cleaning. It was several block walk, so we had a couple encounters, people asking for a Euro, change. Since there was a 1€ coin, you could drop any coin in someone’s cup and they would have to look at it to see how generous they were as the range was a penny to a dollar.

We hadn’t been in the room for longer than ten minutes when the phone rang. I answered and it was the lobby guy stating that Thom and Patton where waiting in the lobby if we could come down. Wow, what timing! We quickly got ready and headed to the elevator.

This was only a partial group reunion. In total there were, Patton, Abigail, Olive, Bay, Carlos and I who were there to see and hang out with Thom, who was on tour. Our group of guys was headed over to the shopping district to meet the ladies. After a fairly long walk over some bridges, through narrow streets, it was determined that a bar would be the best meeting spot. We settled on a pub and ordered the local beer, Tuborg. It was delicious and I haven’t seen it since Denmark.

After a round of pints, the ladies joined us for a couple more. We were very talkative and excited about being in this wonderful new country. It was then decided to walk over to the other’s apartment. It was very nice, in a cool part of town. We used the opportunity to search easyJet’s website and secure tickets to our next destination: Berlin. All done, by phone, whilst I was peeing in a century old toilet, complete with pull chain flushing box. A collision of new and old things and ways of doing things.

Our friends were a few block walk from what would become one of my favorite places; Christiania. I didn’t know anything about it, only that we could get hash there. I came to find out that it is one of the least restrictive places on the planet. There are only three rules: No photography, no running,  and have fun. It was an incorporated, dilapidated part of the city that a group of hippies took control of. A few times they had to fight off the government but they had a very good point: no one was maintaining this part of town anyway, why not let us run it how we wish? We got a few bottles of Christiania beer, and chilled under an awning while it rained.

After procuring a few hash and tobacco rolls, they called them Amsterdams here, the ladies split off again to eat at some restaurant, we men headed to a metal spot known as the Viking Bar. Many pints later found us at McDonalds for a Mac attack. We caught quite a show from a couple local ladies, both in very short skirts who could only communicate by leaning way over the counter, to the point there skirts road all the way up, all the way. A fine way to top the evening!


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