European Vacation II Day 4 Copenhagen

We woke up mid morning and walked over to a recommended breakfast spot the ladies wanted to try called Granola. It was all locally sourced, organic foods. It was good and over bites of food, we plotted our day. The ladies wanted to see the mermaid and shop, guys wanted to just walk around, wind up at Carlsberg brewery in a few hours. We figured out a main road to walk on that would take us to the brewery and slowly began walking. I took a moment to up my levels and ducked into a playground. Surrounding the equipment was a treelined, circle fence that I walked and smoked, away from kids and anyone else. I was stunned to see many syringes and other harder drug debris.

We enjoyed the wonderful Carlsberg compound. Large buildings, lush green areas and trees surrounded the grounds. They were immense! We finally located the brew house and got pints. They had a special dark beer as well as Elephant, a stronger ABV brew. Both were served by a rather nice Irishman who we tried to get to talk as often as we could. That accent was great. In my European travels, the Irish were the ones behind the bar most often.

After a fancy dinner along the pier, we split up again to prepare for the last night before the big rock show. On the walk back, I saw a Hard Rock Café and had to go in. My brother is a HRC pin collector so it is always nice to pick him up another city pin. The guys ended up meeting at our hotel. We bought beers from a small store and drank them out front. We encountered lots of ladies starting their shifts as well as a man who rode a pallet jack down the big hill in front of our hotel, hooting and hollering the whole way down.

After several beers we walked over to Viking Bar. It seems my gold chain became a beacon as a lady very obviously tried to hug me around the neck with the aim to remove it. We chatted up some Irishmen who bought shots. After awhile they claimed to be IRA and who knows. What I do know is that when I asked if Ireland was still in the UK, one of them walked away, but soon came back with shots. He kept saying ok ok ok no no no UK. I asked as every map I’d seen since I was a youngun merely labeled the whole island UK, it was never broken into individual countries. After a brief history lesson I was keen that Northern Ireland is in the UK but the rest of the country was independent. Read up on where you are going so you don’t make this mistake.

It was June in Denmark and the land is closer to the Arctic. This mean summer was nearly light all day. The sun dipped to just about sunset and then came back up. So 2 AM looked a lot like early evening. We had good directions back to our hotel so we three set out. I took several sunrise shots as we turned the corner to our hotel.  A lady of the night put her hands on my crotch and squeezed. We tumbled to the ground. Only after we got back to the hotel did I check for my phone. Sure enough she had lifted it. It was also the only time I put my phone into my front hoodie pocket. Watch out on the road, the ladies are slippery.


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