Dream trip Day 2 DFW to London by plane, Abbey Road, fish n chips

Lazy morning with Reine. arrived at airport an hour before flight.

Bag held, detained for….nail file. No reason given why I could board with it yesterday.

Found seat in back, prepared as best one can for 8hrs of sitting.

Watched lots of movies, not much else to do.

Zoolander 2, Brooklyn.

Sleep for an hour, on and off, no good head angle for long sleep found.

Long passport control line, but went quickly.

Gave occupation as writer, ‘what do you write?’ guard asked?

‘Real life adventures,’ I replied. He waved me through. Well it was true.

Found metro station and Oyster card kiosk.

Card good for a week in most zones, bus and rail, just wave card on sensor and go.

Need to go on Victoria line so a transfer and out at Pimlico stop.

Walk around barren neighborhood as its 8am Tuesday morning, everything closed.

Note groc store and fish and chip spot for later.

Sit on bench and look at Battersea power station, under renovation so only 1 smoke stack remains standing.

Station was on cover of Pink Floyd’s record Animals.

Find hostel and ask if I could stash bag and check in later.

Locate Abbey Road stop not too far away.

Area is residential, but busy intersection is where Beatles walked across.

Dangerous, many cars and trucks coming in both directions.

A few brave it and line up for a pic on the zebra stripes.

Walk through Marleybone. Great name for neighborhood.

Find Hyde Park, huge green space in central London.

Sit on beach style chair for a bit then, ‘Hi boss, you’ve got to pay for the chair. 2 pence a half hour, a quid an hour I’m afraid.’

So free park but pay to sit in chairs, got it.

Walk around and wonder which part the bands played, it was like Central Park x2.

Found Green Park after Hyde, smaller but more covered paths.

Walk trough Trafalgar Square and just miss the circus by a couple blocks.

Just after 3 I’m back at my hostel, checked in and in lobby on sofa charging phone.

Plot the evening, shower and food, been a warm day too.

Walk along Thames awhile and loop back to Pimlico fish and chips.

A bit expensive fish is 5£ and 5£ chips but they had several types of fish, skate.

I pick cod and it’s good and hot, forgot ketchup so fries a bit off, soggy.

Eat in courtyard of apt that surround the hostel. It makes sense that I see many locals drinking, it’s the closest bar for many blocks.

Back to hostel for beers, not even 8 so room is empty.

I experiment with washing shirt in shower, see if it’s dry tomorrow.

Back down to bar for last hour of happy hour, so beer is 3£ but full pint.

Have local pale ale and a Guinness before hitting the bunk at 11.

Beer: Coast to Coast pale ale

Song: radiohead Identiket


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