Dream trip Day 3   Thames River walk, Coventry Garden walking tour

Settled on free walking tour that begins at 2 in Coventry Garden.

Walked along Thames to the Eye, not sure why I didn’t realize it was just a Ferris wheel. A Very large Ferris wheel.

Walked through Trafalgar Square and saw music and magic acts. Rested a moment in James Park then a fast walk to meet tour.

Great guide, a local history major. Great stories about each stop, starting with Coventry was actually Conventry Garden, as in a convent, where nuns lived.

‘We’re diligently looking for the lost ‘n’ and we will find it!’ he said.

Most things are named for naval victories around Trafalgar Square area, Britian’s navy HQ is near, too.

Guide recommended old London and tower area. Told great story about how Henry 8th exploded before his burial. Saw first royal palace with many chimneys, only 1 story tall.

Queen is in residence per flag flapping in the wind. Green Park is where royals walked on side of the palace.

Guide did talk about he many nations the British conquered and left it at, ‘oh you’re a country, well have you a flag? No flag, no country I’m afraid. Here, use our flag.’

Westminster Abbey is massive and free if you want to worship. Also so old that when it went through a renovation they found tennis balls stuck in roof tiles that a young king could have hit up there.

Quite funny the guide pointed out a sundial on a small cathedral nearby.  ‘A sundial in London is like a fish with a bike.’ he exclaimed.

Met after at Slug and Lettuce after tour for a pint.

Got caught at the door talking to guy just out of hospital, chap had bruised face and swollen jaw. Gave him a £ but he wouldn’t let go of my hand. Had to keep patting him on the shoulder before he finally let me go.

The Slug is trendy spot, very nice place for well dressed to drink, eat.

Find an off license where you can buy beer and wine. Select a few local beers and happy total is 6€, fair price.

Watch the sun go down with a few local brews at my side.

Sleep is quick back at the bunk.

Beer: Ryder pale ale

Song: Len Steal my Sunshine


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