Dream trip Day 4   Old London, brewery, pints with Alex

Had free Bfest at hostel. Cereal with yogurt, omelette and coffees. Stashed fruit in bag for later.

Bus to Pimlico station then Victoria line to old London.

Found Tower Bridge and Tower of London. Small brick structures. Lots of $ to enter, so just walk round it along the Thames.

Tower Bridge is the one you see when you think London Bridge. London Bridge is modern and sleek, Tower Bridge has, well towers and ornately old.

Been standing for centuries. This area was first place Romans and pre-London people settled. A millennia of occupation.

Had a snack with business people, birds on pier. Fish like eating banana right? I think as I dropped a small piece with stem into the river.

Located a brewery under rail line, but it’s closed. Still a guy talked to me about the brewery’s history and sold me a few beers.

Southwark are the 2nd brewery in this location, chosen due to its proximity to rail which brings in hops, malt and barley.

Bus back to hostel and drank one whilst filling out postys.

Stashed stuff and bussed to meet Alex for a pint at nearby pub. 

First big red, double-decker bus ride so of course I sit up top for the best view.

Large crowd but quick servers. Think long lines are just normal in big London.

Had nice brown ale, Imperial Brown Stout London 1856, looked it up and it was 10% abv. Felt it for sure.

Told Alex of our future tour of Portugal and Spain. He agreed to join us in Barcelona.

Now hungry we found Indian spot. Alex is vegetarian so got spicy dish with tomatoes and naan bread. Very good and spicy.

Walked back long way to hostel in dark but know route well now.

Felt like another Guinness so why not?

Shirt is damp and locker a lil smelly. Wet shirt test fail. Prob will set it outside.

Beer: Southwark Harvard pale

Song: Dexys Midnight Runners   Come on Eileen


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