Dream trip Day 5   A stroll through Battersea Park, breweries

Decided time to explore Battersea Park so walked over the bridge.

Stumbled on peace pagoda in the park. Hung out and caught some sun whilst a couple practiced yoga.

Found cricket match so I sat and watched. Still have no clue how scoring works.

Overheard guy on phone walking by who needed ‘an 8 ball bruv.’ First time hearing bruv.

Bused over to Sambrook brewery. Nearly had doors closed on me as I was on top of bus and they only hold doors for 5 seconds apparently.

Brewery closed another hour, but it was a workers last day so they were grilling. Gave me a banger and beer samples! Very good.

One of first in wave of new breweries to open after many older breweries closed in the 80’s.

Bussed again to Mondo Brewery which was much closer to hostel.

Only non worker there but they were open.

Chatted up owner, Mo, from Japan, partners with St Louie native. Lots of former Americans work here.

Next afternoon was 1 yr anniversary party w American bbq.

Had several half pints. Talked w Brazilian bartender and local who was married to German girl from Stuttgart.

Heard Germany is fun, historic and pretty. Pretty soon I’d be there!

Long walk to short bus ride over river.

Good times watching salsa dance lessons at hostel.

Beer: Mondo Geranimo

Song: Blink 182 Dammit


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