Dream trip Day 6  Mondo Brewing, Brixton shopping, Spanish match at pub

Visited post office nearby after Bfest for stamps and to mail postys.

Trained to Brixton to see O2 arena and shop.

Needed shower shoes, socks and hat.

Found a TK Maxx, same as TJ Maxx in US; good clothes, cheap.

Back to hostel to drop bag and new items, figure best to not have anything on me to see match later.

Mondo Brewing party began at 2 so was killing time until then walking neighborhood.

Had a few halfs and listened to DJ play his computer mix, no records!

Talked w Mo who was painting brewery name on front of the building.

Talked w local regular for a bit. They are happy to have a closer spot to go with only beer. Most other spots were pubs w food and loud music.

‘Sometimes you just want to have a couple pints in a quiet place,’ he said.

Bused over to rail station, going to Camino, a Spanish pub to watch footy match with Alex.

Real hungry and stopped in at Chicken House, very close to KFC style.

Pub was neat St. Pancreas Station where I was to leave from soon, so good to know the station and area.

Found Alex and bought pints of dark Spanish beer.

Alex booked ticket and hostel to Barcelona, very excited to finally see the city with friends.

Crowded pub, shoulder to shoulder all match. Hot, lots of bumping into each other.

It was then I decided while I liked the city I couldn’t live in London, not central area anyway, too many people.

Real Madrid vs Atletico was a back and forth defense. Only 1 goal in first half.

Second half a bit more action and Atletico scored w great looking goal.

Match ended tied, even with injury time.

Those players are great actors or hams not sure which as they flopped and over exaggerate any takedown. Hard to tell the real hurt players.

Shootout was decider, everyone scored since goalie just guesses which side to defend. Not ideal way to determine winner. 

Fun ride home on metro, lots of drunks messing w other riders.

Caught a bit of open mike at the hostel, very crowded, it’s a real bar at night.

Beer: Mahou

Song: Oasis Wonderwall


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