Dream trip Day 7 Laundry day, Oakwood

Due to how much I packed have to wash 1x per week.  I brought 3 shirts, 1 pant, 4 pair socks and 3 pair undergarments. 1 raincoat.

There’s always a guy to help figure out the change and complex computer system to pay for wash and dry.

Expensive to wash, about 6$ but maybe a dollar to dry. Glad I had soap as that was also overpriced.

Alex said Sunday morning was best time to ride metro as it wasn’t crowded

Used my Oyster card to see real cottages vs downtown.

Took 3 transfers to get to Oakwood stop far north outside city.

Got out and very pretty, green with houses all around.

Got some sort of curry pie at train station bakery.

Walked around for a bit through Oakwood park, too large to explore before it got busy.

Found correct train to Pimlico, direct, no transfers. Not sure why I had to transfer so often on the way there.

Packed trains at each stop but I had a seat.

Watched kids first attempt using chop sticks, used both hands and kept dropping his piece before stabbing it to eat. Fail.

Found stop near hostel and got out to buy beers.

Off license is the name for beer, wine stores and I pop in for a couple of bottles.

Back at hostel to drink beers and charge everything for trip tomorrow.

Hostel is also restaurant and been eyeing fried rice I saw all week. It was pretty good and not expensive.

Had a couple more pints to ensure I was tired so I could go to sleep early and thus wake up early to catch my train.

Anxious sleep, not full night but enough.

Beer: James’ Brown Ale
Song: Seal  Crazy


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