Dream trip day 9   Karlsruhe, biergarten, meet Matt and band

Wake up after 9. Hope I caught up on sleep.

Aimlessly walk down a street. Very residential full of gardens houses and schools.

Locate a shopping area, pop into a grocery store with wild idea to make my own sandwich w deli slices, bread, cheese, chips and fruit

Locate a park and try to build sandwich but fail. The bread crumbles like cake. Decide I don’t need bread, chips suffice for bread like material.

Walk towards tall spiral in city centre through shops and gardens.

It’s former palace turned museum and public garden. Sit and stare at fountain for a while, decide to find biergarten.

Wander all over shopping street before I realize the garten is to the right not left.

Big wooden seats and bar upon entry. Wooden vats to one side, bar on the other.

Fail at ordering maibock, though thought I did well.

‘Un maibock bitte.’ Turns out size info is important.

Very large stein of delicious beer is now before me. I get more and more sleepy after each slug.

Decide to rest in park as I’ve seen others do.

Find a tree, place my bag on the ground as a pillow and nearly instantly asleep! What’s in that beer ?

Wake up after an hour nap. No one around. Finish chips and water.

Decided to hang around the apt vs waiting at hotel for Matt.

After 8 decide to walk over to biergarten near hotel.

Friendly waitress gets me bier and English menu.

I inquire about German noodles, spoetozel, and order so I can taste them.

They are like dumplings a la chicken and dumplings, a bit doughy vs pasta.

Finally Matt is free so I pay up and meet him at hotel. Everyone is at Indian spot eating so I just order beers.

Lots of laughs and stories. Good time and they didn’t finish their spicy chicken so I tasted some. Wonderful, very similar to sizzling fajitas.

Back to bar with guys for a few beers and stories.

Meet Jodi the actress who plays King’s grandma and other characters during shows.

Also meet Alex, interesting cat from Germany. Big dude with long dreads and rings on each finger. He lives in Koln and invites me to visit.

A couple very drunk Germans come over to chat up Jody and Alex. Too much touching and questions so we leave quickly.

Surprised Alex didn’t push them, one was very handsy and talked very flirty with him.

Again late night walk with bikers and joggers. No sign of any trouble despite the late hour.

Beer: Kingfisher
Song: Kraftwerk  Human Calculator


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