Dream trip Day 10   Karlsruhe, doner, sushi and sake 

Lazy day recovering at the apt.

I discovered how close activities are, just had to turn left and that connects to north and west attractions.

Found spot called Zoo Coffee. It lives up to its name as already 3 drunks at the bar smoking and laughing. It’s just after 10am.

I order coffee and observe. Old haggard lady gesticulates while loud talking and laughing.  Afterwards, drags off her mostly ash cigarette.

A large, disheveled man with bottle thick glasses and bushy mustache chain smokes to her left, his shirt has long rips, exposing his prodigious belly. His eyes dart all over the room but not sure he knows what he is looking for. He has a box of tobacco but still buys cigarettes and more puzzling saves all his butts.

Third guy is mid 30s with polo shirt and unlike the other 2 doesn’t look like he should be afternoon drunk. He is a joker and cuts rapid phrases that elicit bursts of laughter all around. He looks at my way several times making side comments to me about the other two. I don’t understand but smile wide and repeat Ja or ja is gud and return to my coffee.

This guy is having a conversation with everyone in the room at different times. Amazing watching him turn his stool in any direction, make a statement, laugh then a quick slug off his beverage.

After 30 min I cannot stand them any longer, they are too drunk to be funny now so it’s just sad as they struggle with balance and language.

I find a route in the direction of my apt that is all parks, green space.

It passes through apartment buildings and schools, I see kids playing and kicking balls.

There are also wine drinkers that seem to come with park benches as if they were apart of the furniture itself.

The parkway ends at courtyard with fountain and biergarten. This time it’s beer drunks all over the fountain and in front of closed shops.

I spot a doner joint and get a middle eastern equivalent to a burrito. Shaved meat, lettuce purple cabbage tomatoes onions and tziki sauce are required. Optional to sprinkle fine red pepper flakes for spice but they are so finely chopped it isn’t hot.

A couple of guys stagger in my direction but never commit. I move from a long bench to a small table in front of the kebab haus.

After morning walk and food I rest for an hour or two, dozing off for a bit and researching travel destinations at the apt.

Across the street from my apt is corner shop that sells cans of beer for less than 2€, I vow to try them all.

It’s only pilsner beers here, light and good.

Matt messages me saying sushi is on deck for dinner so I walk west.

There is an art college I pass with fountain and large courtyard that should have kids studying but is now barren until next semester.

At the hotel find Matt and Jodi and have a beer.

Find the sushi spot and learn Jodi is vegan, not sure how it will work but they do have veg rolls.

Large bottle of sake is ordered and we fill our small cups taking turns pouring.

Waitress is seen twice, to take order and drop check. We had sake for the long wait.

Jodi’s rolls look amazing ! One roll has a grilled banana and the others are tempura veg.

Matt has Karlsruhe roll, intense, huge and seems to have most everything in it plus sauce that drips off the shrimp.

I got a few pieces and they satisfied me. Eel was great as was some sort of unknown hand-roll that looked like urchin. Tasted like the sea.

Jodi heads to bed as does Alex so I show Matt the biergarten behind his hotel.

Ask about bier advertised on chalkboard and uninterested waitress describes it a ‘Boring bier. I don’t like.’

We discuss Barcelona as its his last show so he’ll explore the area with Melissa after.

I hold for possibility of hanging around for 2 weeks as my planned time ends in Barcelona.

It begins to pour rain, hard rains ah fallin. I get a cab back and we nearly hit a car who just stopped in the road. ‘Is idiot,’ the driver stated with a wave as he swerved around the parked car, then turned onto my street.

I listened to the rain awhile and fall fast asleep.

Beer: Jever pils
Song: We Butter the Bread with Butter   13 Wünsche


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