Dream trip Day 11   Karlsruhe zoo, rain, schnitzel 

Rain continues most of the morning so I wait it out at apt and search destinations.

Weather breaks and so do I for morning walk to zoo.

Find Italian coffee shop and successful order long white coffee. Milk and coffee, finally!

A bridge goes over the zoo so you can see a bit for free. Only saw boats on lazy river in the middle of the zoo, no animals.

There is another green road that is north-south near rail station I discover by following signs after zoo trail ends.

Find the trail but it’s closed halfway due to widening of a waterfall area it passes through.

Just before construction I find a tiny garden house village. It appears to be run by Red Cross but not sure how one gets to live and garden there.


It’s a couple blocks from the train station so very much a garden in the middle of the city which is very good.

I walk down one of the main north south roads past the Santo where I spend nights.

It begins sprinkling so I head back to the courtyard near the apt for shelter and sandwich.

Back to apt to nap. Soon Hiba, the host returns. I walk down to the corner store for beer as she only has one left.

We talk as she eats fries. She’s cooked fries every day and says that’s mostly all she eats, no veg, she doesn’t like.

Of course I’ve survived on doner, least its balanced with veg and meats.

We talk about many things. She is Lebanese, physicist in school but wants to make music.

Her dad is a Christian preacher back home, she doesn’t go to mass anymore but misses singing in the choir.

Matt texts me stating its time for German meal as everyone else is with other friends so it’s just us.

We hit up the biergarten behind his hotel. Schnitzel and noodles is the plan with beer.

It’s like fried pork chop or chicken fried steak equivalent.

Our server is very friendly until the bill. She may be joking about tips and how she needs to live. I planned on leaving a tip, but she gets mad when I thank her.

As we leave she is all smiles and waves goodbye. I figured she was messing with us.

After a beer back at hotel Matt leaves but I stay with Alex.

He lives close and just recorded with a member of the band so he wanted to see rehearsals.

He has a driver and occasionally plays with the singer of Cannibal Corpse in a band.

He told us they just played for free in Argentina. A semi working vacation just fly us over, room, food, and have equipment ready. That’s how to do it.

He tells me of a van hire service that’s cheap and everywhere in Europe.

We exchange info and hope to meet him in Bonn or elsewhere.

Another long dark walk to the apt.

People are still partying along the way, I think about joining then realize I need to save $, partied all ready no need for more.

Light rain lulls me to sleep.

Beer: Black Forest ale
Song:  Can   Vitamin C


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