Dream trip Day 13   München, Oktoberfest grounds, Paulaner biergarten

Wake up to sun. It’s due to rain in a few hours so I walk.

Find bakery with coffee and get a couple cheesy bread things, not pizza nor sandwich but similar to both.

Find a Oktoberfest grounds and eat.

Walk the area and find a statue of a lady holding a star overlooking the Oktoberfest grounds.


There are skateboarders and a biker turning tricks all over the area.

Stay for a while and watch biker who is also being pro photographed turn multiple tricks made even more amazing as his bike has no breaks. He stops Flintstones style, feet to the ground or sharp turn.


Walk to the other side of festival area, a reggae fest is going on.

The clouds darken each moment so I head back to hostel.

Arrive just in time for downpour, figure I’ll lay down a bit til it passes.

After a couple of hours of hard rain it lets up enough to get out so I head to Paulaner Brauhaus down the road a couple blocks.

Find a small table and wait. Wait wait wait.

Wave to a guy I’ve seen pass several times and he smiles.

After he finishes delivering beers he stops by, I ask for liter of haus bier, Weissbier.

He delivers it in a huge stein with an English menu.

I note they have 3 beers on tap, one is named Vladimir a style I’ve not seen previous so decide to get that next.

Takes me awhile to drink a liter, others near drink much faster.

Order half from now on, vlad beer is good and strong.

Plates of sausage and pretzels pass every moment as does a large globe that I think holds soup.

Scan menu and decide to eat now and snack for dinner. I order meatloaf with potato salad and zwicklebier.

Meatloaf is not beef, maybe pork as its pink colored, and topped with fried egg.

Note it’s raining again and take my time savoring each bite.

Stagger back to the hostel, rain intensifies.

Figured I may as well sleep it off and try to go out at night.

Wake up a couple of hours later, still raining.

Shower and decide to enjoy happy hour.

Find a seat next to outlet and get a Weissbeer.

Watch a loud group play presidents and asshole drinking game, it makes no sense.

Watch a couple of girls flirt with bartender, they are mid 20s maybe and hang on his every word while they make plans to meet later after he gets off.

People shoot pool as it continues to rain, tonight is a bust, least there’s beer here. Lowenbrau.


Tired of rain, I scan bus routes and book Zürich on Monday along with cheapest hostel, which is 55€! Gonna be expensive.

Girls return with bottle of vodka and he makes drinks and they take a shot.

Another beer, new bartender who is super excited, think coke is involved.

He lines up jack and coke shots, To me, “you want one right, of course, all get one!”

One more stein of Weiss.

Bedtime, early too not midnight, guess I’m still short of sleep from Friday’s trip or the rain is effecting me.

Song:  Peter Schilling   Major Tom
Beer: Paulaner   Zwickle


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