Dream trip Day 14   Laundry day, postys, Augustiner biergarten tour

Wake up at 630am, Sunday means laundry day.

Pack up all the clothes I have and walk pretty much across the street.

There’s already two uniquely Germans both shake their wet clothes then toss into dryer, maybe to make sure clothes aren’t bunched up?

Times goes by more slowly when you’re staring at tumbling clothes.

Find a bakery and get coffee and cheese bagel.

Put on my still warm clothes and head in search of postcards.

Head east through gaming halls, bars and donner spots. Everything else is closed.

Locate the train station and figure this will be best spot for cards.

Note the near black sky as I head back to hostel, postcards secured.

Famished, decide a block isn’t too far to stop and eat so try noodles from same place I had donner the day before.

” Hand made noodles,” woman working explains, “take time. Where from?”

We chat a bit about US and her country in very broken English and French.

Dish I order is like Kung pao with red peppers, not too much flavor or veg but overall good due to noodles but then I love noodles.

Make it back to hostel in time for more rain. So tired, need rest anyway.

Saw flyer for biergarten tour later that night, figured better plan than I can come up with and prob get to talk to people too. Booked!

Write postys in bar which takes some time, handwriting improving if I write slow.

Attempt to buy stamps in German from a kiosk. Learned no cards and change given only in stamps so exact change it is, which I do not have now, tomorrow machine.

Walk back to train station as that’s where meeting location is near.

Decide best to fortify myself with coffee and braut.

Meander through train station, lots of delays and people running in every direction.

Locate hostel meeting spot and wait to check in.

After check in, get a beer and sit next to another guy going on tour.

Turns out he’s from Houston so we chat it up.

He too has had train delays due to strikes, in Paris & Amsterdam.

In our group is 2 Argentinians, a Canadian couple and Australian couple.

Our guide is from S Africa but looks Greek or Italian, long shaggy hair under a kangol hat.

I chat with the Argentinians about their language, not Spanish or Portuguese but similar with new words and phrases unique to the country.

We arrive at Augustiner biergarten largest in town and revered by locals.

Augustiner isn’t shipped anywhere else, they don’t advertise and recipe hasn’t changed for centuries. 1328 is what they claim as opening year!

The biergarten seats 2,500 and usually does in the summer, 3rd largest in world.

Liters only and it’s very good.

We learn the male Canadian is missing teeth in hockey accident and his very hot wife is dental assistant, they are school lovers just married.

The inside is huge, tall vaulted ceilings, long communal benches, all wood, very much like a church hall.

Canadian buys jäger shots, yikes I think everyone is staring, it’s Sunday night.

We pour out to the next spot walking on cobblestone paths.

I saddle up next to the Aussies. Every city is a long way from each other, hours by car.

Cigs cost 20$ a pack so they don’t smoke much there but buy cartons over here.

They are in country for a month and were just in Strasbourg which they said was cool but not too big, doable in a day they said.

Our next stop was Franzenkaner brouhaus.

It’s more sedate, touristy like a restaurant.

I get a dark dunkel half pint as a liter and shot are working.

Everyone decides to order food, I only have enough € for beer.

Houston friend Garrett orders pork, basically ham and eggs. Two thick cuts with soft-boiled eggs and thick potatoes. He cannot finish so he slides the plate my way. I pick around and yup its breakfast food.

We slowly walk back to hostel I talk with both Australian who are laughing at nearly everyone out as its dark and freaks are everywhere.

Bums stagger, ladies scantily dressed are walking by, tourist with large bags struggle down the street.

The guide is walking hand in hand with the just married Canadian, her husband was awarded a nice stein and seems to care more about it than anything.

Part of our tour includes another shot of jäger and beers. I give one ticket to my Houston friend and get beer.

Everyone is wasted, the guide and Canadian girl are talking, but seems she may not like what he saying, feels wrong.

Guide leaves and Aussie goes over to keep Canadian girl company as she is very drunk.

They all soon leave, the Aussies and Canadian girl together, I don’t see the others.

I finish mine and their beers, wary of my walk home.

No issues, it’s straight walk down the street.

Immediately rains once I sit down at hostel.

I am fast asleep after mumbling hello to my bunk mates, all are also in bunks.

Beer: Augustiner

Song:  Scorpion   No One Like You


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