Dream trip Day 19   Lyon to Bordeaux, Eric n Snoop, Bourg

I’m the first in my room to wake around 9. Funny how I drink until late but still wake up fairly early, probably the sun and snoring help.

Cruise to a bread spot for coffee and croissant which I eat in the small park near the hostel.


It’s about a 40 min walk to the rail station and a 7hr bus ride ahead so I scan for grocery stores along the way.

Pop into a small market and pick up sandwich and fruit.

Most buses have been late this trip so to my surprise I see bus waiting 15 min before departure.

Bus is full so I sit next to a small girl in the middle. First time I didn’t see empty seats.

Most depart at next stop to my relief, got seats to myself.

Small towns with churches and green rolling hills, fly by.

We stop for 30 min at a highway gas station so I get a coffee and eat a piece of fruit.

A thin, model hot girl chain smokes and talks loudly on her phone the entire time.

It begins to rain again as we pull out from the station so I close my eyes but sleep does not come.

We pull into Bordeaux at dusk.

Everyone is watching the Euro match in the square, chanting and singing.

I see Eric and Snoop, his dog.

We get beers and talk while the game finishes.

On the way to his car we encounter loud, drunk fans singing and trying to get passersby to join in with little success.

We drive for a while, well outside the city and lights, further and darker.

A few turns we are in old, gothic town with narrow, stone streets.

There is a celebration winding down in the courtyard his apartment overlooks.

This courtyard has held events and farmers markets since the 12th century.

We have a beer and a spliff before bed.

Beer: Grimbergen
Song: Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot   Bonnie and Clyde


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