Dream trip Day 20   Bourg, baguettes, French party

Wake up to coffee and pastries.

Eric drinks chicory coffee, probably 5 cups a day.

We walk around the city, down to the place where two rivers meet, the Dore and Garonne, a short walk from his place and one of the spots he takes Snoop for walks.

A trip to see the city citadel is decided.

The area was a major entry port to the country centuries ago and used to be heavily fortified with forts and citadels, each with long range cannons.


We enjoy a beer after a quick walking tour of the grounds. Great views of the area, ancient stone walls still standing.



We go to a large grocery store in the next town for more bread, aged ham, chips and beer.

Eric may be one of the few not only French, but Parisians who doesn’t like wine so we drank Belgium Abby ales the entire time I stayed.

Eric makes me a sandwich the French way: baguette, butter on one side, a Dijon-esque spicy mayo on the other, ham and cheese.

No vegetables are found in Eric’s house.

We were going to a friends house for a party that night. It wasn’t a far walk, just down the street, a couple hundred meters.


We are early it seems, well doesn’t seem to be any set start time as we have to wait for Eric’s friend to arrive.

No one other than Eric speaks English. The wife of the honored guest is excited to have me and we figure out a communication system.

Everyone talks, laughs, children play, music is turned on.

I find a place outside and soak up rural French life occasionally going in to grab a beer that I brought.

After awhile, I’m out of beer so the host lady springs into action with whiskey and cola, no ice really is a thing here.

As soon as I finish my beverage, the host lady or someone else grabbed my cup for a refill.

I see a guy at a table outside with lots of tobacco and a funnel for about an hour.

Mega joint has been rolled and is passed around.

I wonder how I can climb the stairs to bed but somehow make it.

Beer: Leff rituel
Song: Louane   Je Vole


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