Dream Trip Day 28  Lisboa, Si and Jeremy join, futbol Friday

Wake up and head for free breakfast of cereal, bread and coffee with real milk.

So much bread and carbs, it’s what’s for breakfast at every hostel.

Sit at big table where no one speaks enough of the same language to talk.

A Quebec guy tries to speak with French lady but even they struggle to communicate.

Sit by the sea and message Si to meet there as well as message Airbnb host.

Wait and say no to drugs for an hour.

Finally I see people I know!

Get lost finding apt but I had wrong address. Luckily only 5 min from room.

Two huge doors must be unlocked to get to space.

A small room with bunks next to main apt where we share shower and toilet.

Drop stuff and wander the streets.

Walk by the famous elevator built by Eiffel, and it is indeed just an elevator but very ornate and fancy, like the Eiffel Tower.


Walk past Hard Rock Cafe, have to stop and buy pin for my bro.

Up hills and stairs till we find a park. Reggae band is setting up.

We post up at a park cafe and order beers.

Check out the reggae band and its 3 guys and gal toasting to computer beat, live band later I presume.

Wind our way down hills and find connecting street.

Si sees a place with snails on menu so we stop.


They are small, pick them out with a toothpick. Taste like earth, crayfish.


Back to area near hostel for food.

Pick out a spot in plaza so bit touristy but found good tapas combo.

Find Irish bar near apt and talk to real Irish gal. Pints and pints, luckily they take card so I pay.

Depeche Mode live concert is on TV. Forgot how many of their songs I like and how long I’ve enjoyed their music.

They seems to be most euro band I’ve known, including the Cure, Souixie and the Banshees, Duran Duran, it’s like these bands should play Paris, Zurich, Izbia.

Doner after bars close, but I’m not hungry enough.

Back to apt, multiple keys and doors make entering quietly impossible.

Mosquitos are everywhere outside, but hot in apt unless door open.

Only Si bit overnight by skeeters, dang.

Beer: Carlsburg

Song: David Lynch   Good Day Today



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