Dream Trip Day 29   FC Lisboa tour, futbol Saturday

Wake up and Si has bite marks. Feel bad selecting apt as it looked cool online but no a/c so how do you cool down? Open door and window= mosquitoes.

Find breakfast option near a place that actually makes cod cakes which are on every menu. They are minced cod, breading with oozy cheese in the middle, sort of croissant shaped, similar to crab cake.

Walk around city centre for a while. Jeremy wants a small messenger bag, Si looking for coin purse.

‘Sunglasses, marijuana, hashish, cocaine?’ We are asked repeatedly.

Train to FC Lisbon stadium. It is a bit of a train ride away on the northside of town.


Take small tour, only ones who speak English so guide tells us a few points but mostly tour is him saying, ‘we will wait 5 min while you take pics.’

Mascot is Eagles and three tied up to perches on the pitch.

One regurgitates food and picks at it once we get near.

Eagles scream like seagulls.

Find mall next to stadium, locate food court.

Mexican food is the pick, build your own burrito but less flavor than US options.

I get spicy green sauce and wind up dousing it with Tapitio sauce.

I soon realize after my month on the road I’ve used up all the cash in my account.

The auto bank transfer sits on hold for a week so I have to rely on euros from Jeremy and Si for metro and just buy beers and meals with card.

Mall is adjacent to rail station so we walk over to buy tickets to Porto.

€30 per person, which is a little much but way better than flying. I’d pay more to avoid security checks, boarding process, commutes to/from airports.

Rail is near water too, so we get a table, beer and people watch.

Metro back to apt. Walk back to plaza to catch game and dinner.

Most places are packed if they have TV.

Finally located Italian spot with outside seats and TV.

Most exciting, thus high scoring game, 3-2.

Wander back to area near apt and find Irish Pub.

Several pints, wedding reception is finishing up so packed with well dressed people.

Start tab with intent to pay Si and Jeremy back, but when I close tab, I’m told, ‘cash only mate.’

Have to slouch back and get € to pay. Tell them I’ve got Bfest and next nights beers.

Beer: Kilkenny
Song: Dropkick Murphy’s   The Dirty Glass




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