Dream trip Day 30   Lisboa, mas futbol, Thai fest

Wake up, see other roommate as we all 5 share shower, restroom.

Apt is multi story with many rooms and Airbnb guy rents them all out. Host sleeps in literally a large closet near kitchen. Prob makes enough on Airbnb so he doesn’t have to work much.

Plan is to train west to fort built on water and castle on high point of city.

Still don’t have cash but have enough change for metro.

Free trolley to castle is indeed comically full every time we see it with people hanging on all sides, so walk we must.


Arrive to castle and stunning view of entire city most importantly.

Jeremy has Lisboa card so free entry to castle, it’s 8€ normally.

Si and I find cafe and get beers while Jeremy tours.

After awhile a 3 piece band sets up and plays 20s jump style jazz. Pass the hat, pay the band.

One guy I’m sure I’ve seen before as he plays 12 string guitar but with 6 strings, which I’ve never seen before.

A couple of rounds and Jeremy joins us.

Guy stops by, from Senegal, asks us where were from. ‘I love your president! He is black like me! He is friendly, good speaker, good for the world. Here have bracelets as gift from Senegal. Thank you for your president.’


Si hands him 10€ pretty sure that’s what he is after but it is still nice to hear positive things about US vs last time I was in Europe when W. was president and we just invaded Iran so he was not popular or liked.

Hot, sweaty so we get a cab to fort in the ocean.

Jeremy goes in, it really is out in the ocean, 1 walking bridge from shore only way in.

Si and I find cafe and watch fishermen cast and cast again.

Really the fishermen don’t catch anything other than a buzz.

They also play catch with the most ready dog ever, he pants heavily but keeps dropping ball and nosing it to throw again.

We walk back to another huge, sword monument near, then under highway to palace, park.


There is a Thai festival going on in the park, in Portugal.

Muy Thai demonstration where boxers bring up people from the crowd to spar with pads.

Little girl really goes at it as does an older Asian lady, combo punches and knees fly.

Head back to the apt for water and rest.

Big futbol match Portugal vs Spain tonight,  we make plans to see it at euro zone.

Euro zone is fairly packed so we navigate to center for view.


Spend ER euros on beers. No mo €.

Match is a tie, but fun to see Portugal team in country.

Walk through festival next to euro zone, stop and watch 3 Portuguese rappers spit rhymes to a handful of people.

As we leave festival we notice small pool surrounded by fence and amazingly a guy peeing into the pool, facing oncoming walkers so a free show for all to see.

We find another Irish bar and sit outside.

More pints and golf on TV. Golf is not a spectator sport I feel. Its barely fun playing.

Beer: Sagres
Song: Franco   Cooperation


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