Dream trip Day 31    Lisboa to Oporto Portugal via train

We have to leave so waking up and showers takes a bit longer. Idiot check is improved as its done 3x.

Metro to main rail station, always an adventure locating the right track number to go to so we walk in a circle until we figure it out.

The track confusion is caused by trains going further than your destination and trains are named after their final stop.

Also cities have a different name vs what we know, eg Lisboa, Oporto, or Anvers.

Help group of Italians who are running from train to train find the correct track for their train. We just walked around the whole station, we knew where the tracks were.

A nice train and short trip north to Oporto.


We arrive to Porto and attempt to figure out metro system.

This city’s metro is color coded, but dammit they don’t show you which color is north, south etc.

We very nearly get on the right color train but headed in wrong direction.

About 15 min later we are at our apt.

It’s in a tall apt building near the top, a long elevator ride up.

Host is still cleaning the place so we stay out of his way as he mops and wipes down the bathroom.

Friendly guy, he makes us all coffee and tells us what to do, how to get there.

He informs us we are very lucky as Thursday night is St. John festival, the entire city parties down by the sea.

He tells us which port warehouses to go to, which hop on bus is best.

I find a pub close and we walk to catch the late match.

This pub is very gangster like, small, everyone seems to know each other, dark, and empty.

We sit at the bar near TV and watch another tie game, ordering beers.

At some point, a guy staggers in and yells at the bartender about something. A waiter helps escort him out and I notice the bartender’s hands are under the bar. One imagines what he maybe holding down there, probably a bat or club.

We walk back after the match through a park. Still early, still thirsty.

The apt is next to bars but our host told us he rarely hangs out there as people are sketchy.

We struggle ordering beers even tho I say ‘tres cervejas,’ no one speaks English. I point to tap, she just looks at me.

Dammit woman, are you blind and stupid? This sort of ‘I don’t understand’ occurred a lot. I’m convinced they are messing with us, I mean you’re a bartender, 3 guys just walk in, one points to draft tap and yes poorly tries to order beer. Context clues people!

In addition to beer she places a container of some sort of legumes, butter beans seems like to be closest bean that it resembles. They look like white corn nuts.

I’m still not sure if you’re supposed to eat them whole or remove their thin skin. Flavour isn’t improved either way, it’s a bit salty, chewy.

Soon as we finished a beer, 3 more appear, we are only ones at this bar.

There are six bars next to each other, in an L shape. some have food, pool, DJs or just liquor, shot bar.

The DJ at our bar seemed to be informed we are tourist and plays only 90s US music shortly after we arrive. Pretty sure most of Nevermind is played.

We are ready to leave but three more beers are set in front of us, all ready open. ‘No mas, Es todos.’ I say and pay. They are 1€ each so not a big deal to have one more.

Si says there’s another bar across the street that may be interesting so we walk over.

There is a lighted sign, a door, but it looks closed and windows are darkened. Door seems locked too.

As we cross back to the apt we see a couple go in. We become convinced it’s a swingers club with password.

We see three police cycles ride onto the curb past our apt and stop at the pool bar with lights flashing.

They do not remove their helmets as 2 walk into the bar, the third stands outside, gun strapped to his chest.

They are focused on one guy who brings a bag out for them to search.

Back and forth they talk to a couple of guys.

Inside guys continue to play pool as if nothing is happening the entire time the police are there.

We watch a few moments but we aren’t smoking anymore so there isn’t any reason for us to be there. Cop seems to notice and looks our way more often, weapon still across his chest.

Let’s split, who knows if they can make up a charge or something.

We get to our floor and Si fumbles with the lock. I think I hear a dog bark, mat seems different too… dude wrong apt!

We hurry across the hall to our apt, but no one appears from the other apt we tried to enter.

I fling open the large window in our room, a nice breeze hits me.

Hop up to top bunk and fall asleep to snoring and faint sounds of cars.

Beer: Super Bock mini
Song: Nirvana In Bloom




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