Dream Trip Day 32   Porto hop on, hop off bus, feets in the ocean

I was last in the shower and discovered the drain has a hard time doing its job so the water rose to ankle level. Nice.

I tried to pick out as much hair as I could using some toothpicks I had in my overnight bag. It didn’t help but I tried. It’s always best to try to make things better than how you found them.

We noted the previous evening that just out front of the building was a coffee spot so we tried it.

Most friendly or condescending proprietor ever once we began ordering.

‘Ah English! Americans yes? Welcome, please. Where from?’

‘Texas’ we say.

‘Ah Cowboys, guns yes, horses. Americans rich, wealthy, spend money here…welcome, please.’

He served our coffees and croissants. I’m still sorting out his comments, but I hope he was friendly and not a great English speaker so lost in translation.

We take the metro and locate the bus stop for hop on, hop off bus our host recommended.

The bus arrived shortly and we climbed to the top.


We drove around many streets, seeing churches, forts and most of downtown.

I note that most everyone on the bus has earbuds in, guess there is a spoken history portion we will miss out on.

You don’t really need history lesson to see how old and beautiful these buildings, cathedrals are, it’s self-evident.

We hop off and walk on a long pier with a small lighthouse at the end.


The breeze is strong and cooling against the hot afternoon sun.

We walked along the coast, looking for another bus stop that would take us in the other direction to Castelo do Queijo, better known as cheese fort.

Jeremy wants to walk around the fort, Si wants to escape the sun, I want to dip my feet into the ocean so we make plans to meet up after a while.

I sit and take my shoes and socks off sitting on a concrete wall separating the beach from walkway, then head to the water.

Sure enough, there are topless sunbathers, no tan lines, but they were facing down, no free show today.

The water is cold, but not too cold to bear.

I stand awhile in the ocean scanning around me at all the swimmers, old men in speedos and sunbathers.

I stare too long and miss a larger wave that hits me around knee level, drenching my shorts.

Heading back through the sand, a ball rolls my way. I kick it back to a kid, they love soccer here, well kicking a ball back and forth anyway.

I rinse my feet but realize that no matter what you do, sand from the beach is coming with you.

I meet back up with the fellas for a beer.

Cheese fort doesn’t have much inside, cannons and a bit of a view of the ocean is Jeremy’s review.

We wait for a long while for the bus to take us back. There isn’t a set schedule, the buses arrive when they get to your stop.

We walk around river and wind up at an Irish pub and caught the next match in the Euros.

The most remarkable thing about the game and pub is the restroom was by far one of the worst smelling I’ve had the misfortune of stepping into. Looked clean too so I reckon it was pipe issue.

We wandered around a long time looking for just the right place to eat.

Jeremy is vegetarian so we tried to accommodate him as best we could. Most places you go to have salads in US but not so much in the EU.

We all commented on this fact and felt compelled to order a salad.

I selected what I though sounded good, francesinha, which is a sandwich Porto is known for creating.

Basically ham sandwich pan-fried with cheese on the outside of the bread, drowned in a nice red sauce.

One of the best meals I ate on the whole trip.

We metro back to our hood and walked around the block in search of an area not seemingly occupied by police.

We made it around a few blacks, back to the park where our metro station was located before we saw a diner.

Sure enough, they were still cooking and most importantly, serving beer.

We had a few rounds, watched traffic and bikes go by.

What makes Porto nice at night is cool breeze that sometimes gives you a chill it’s so cool.

We retired to the apt, careful to go into the correct door.

I fall asleep to the sounds of snoring and cheers from a stadium I can just make out in the distance. It’s well after midnight and they are playing futbol still.

Beer: Alhambra lager
Song: After the Fall   Attention Dependent


View from our airbnb flat.


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