Dream trip Day 33 Port warehouse tour, port by the river, futbol

Our hop on, hop off bus ticket included free port warehouse tours, but they were all closed the day we took the bus tour.

Metro’ed to city centre and walked up steep hill to another old cathedral. It was high enough to see lots of the city and river below.

We saw a short distance away was a bridge and walked that direction.

I soon encountered the most tenacious demand for money ever. Dude grabbed my arm to stop me, thrust paper in my face and held out his hand.

He was deaf and couldn’t speak so he vigorously pointed at paper that explained he was with a school for deaf, mute people, that he was asking for my name, email address and a donation.

I tried waving him off, saying No until he actually jumped in my way and dramatically slammed his hand on the paper and huffed. He was not letting me pass without €!

I glared at him and push aside. No means no, we were asked for change at nearly every corner and it sucks to get to the point you no longer care, no longer toss in change.

We walk across the high bridge that gives us views of the river below and Lagos, the other half of Porto that is a different city.


We find stairs leading down and make our way past houses using steep streets and stairs.

A tour bus drives by letting us know we’d found the port warehouse road.


We stopped in the Sademane warehouse and watched videos on how port is made.

There is no tour or warehouse to see, but we did drink a couple free ports. They are very sweet and tasty.

Our next tour was at Cockburn’s, and they had a warehouse, tasting tour.

First thing we learned that it’s pronounced ‘Co-burns’ as its Scottish…in Portugal.

Wine is grown east down the river in very rocky, mountainous area.

The port warehouse area arose as its close to an ocean to export. Plus, coastal weather is ideal as port wine is aged at least 3 yrs in wooden barrels.

There are red and white ports, as well as a new rose port.

Saw rows of wooden barrels and vats with cobwebs and dust, they really just fill, stack and leave barrels for years.

An important euro match was on right after the tour so guide cut things a little short.

All the bars we walked by were full, but not Pizza Hut aka pizza slut!

They had beer, TV so why not. Just don’t buy a pizza or wings.

A bit of a stressful game but Portugal wins.

The late game is the one to see so we have time to walk over the river and locate a bar.

We walk towards a low-level bridge and all ready they are setting up for festival tomorrow.



Large dance area, DJ booth and unnecessarily loud PA is being tested at max level.

We pass by an Irish pub we were at day before but continue on.

We select a random seafood spot to eat, with game on too. I get soup and spicy shrimps.

I can see swarms of flies hovering near but they do not fly to our table, just hover a bit away.

Polite flies, I reckon they will wait til we leave to swarm the table.

After our meal we look for table to catch the night game and beer.

There are many small side streets so we find a place on party street. Most places are putting out taps of beer and booths for tomorrow’s big party.

We are served by one of most attractive women I’ve ever seen. Takes my breath away as I figured she was eating or drinking there.

Throughout the course of the match we make friends with table behind us, two guys from Croatia.

We all took turns making funny comments about the game.

We all celebrated when Croatia won, then tried to name as many Croatian pro athletes as we could. It was a short list.

Back to the metro to our part of town.

The stop near our apt is in the middle of a park. In the park is a cafe that serves coffee, bottled drinks and beer.

We had several beers and I noticed everyone, literally, everyone else is drinking espresso. It’s 1 am. This isn’t the only night I see people drinking espresso after midnight.

Beer: Estrella Galicia
Song: Depeche Mode Personal Jesus



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