Dream trip Day 36 Excursion   Tales from the Irishman: A Dell-icate situation 

Another good story from a guy I met in a pub in Madrid. This story did not happen to me but was told to me by guy from Limerick, Ireland. In a few months I too would be in Limerick!

My Irish friend followed his travel passion and as such, has had to work many jobs over the years as most wouldn’t tolerate so much time off. He’d work for 6 months or so, enough to save up money and then pick a country or area of Europe and explore until the money ran out. He was currently a toll taker, a ‘shite job for sure, but it pays good. They always seem to be hiring so I just ring them up when I return and start again, no training. They put up with me and it’s a job I can do so it works,’

One job he had was security at a Dell workplace. It was very basic job through an agency that supplies security workers.

‘We had 1 job, verify that a person had an ID and the pic matched their face. Didn’t matter if you knew them, no ID, no entry. Well I’m working with a rural lad, not so bright but he certainly could do this task and took great pleasure in turning away people without ID, people he chatted with the other day or last week, didn’t matter, thems the rules. So who comes to inspect the place but Michael Dell himself, founder, namesake and CEO. He runs every morning and decides to stop in our place but left his ID in the room.

“Sorry no ID, no entry. You’ll have to go back to your hotel.” This guy tells Dell, a man whose very name is on the building. I’m this guy’s shift leader at this point and I explain who he is, no budging from this boy, it emboldened him really.”

“I don’t know Micheal Dell from Adam, no fooking ID, no entry.” Dell agrees and runs back to has hotel and comes back with ID.

“My boss learns of this and is livid, tells me to fire this lad, but I say, no. He actually did his job as told. Guests present ID before entry is granted. This pisses my boss to no end, ranting yelling he will fire this kid and me! He begins to try to find any infraction or reason to fire this boy. I tell him I’m not helping, he’s on his own.

“A week or so later my boss calls me and the boy into his office and shows us a letter from one Michael Dell commending this boy and what he did and oh if Dell had employees just like him what a better place it would be. Oh he was beet red having to thank this boy and give him praise. That boy was bulletproof for a long time after that meeting! Haha and he could tell people he turned away Dell at his own building and was rewarded for it too! Ah managers, I could never be one again. I had to leave that job for a long trip with my wife.

“Companies make managers do horrible things, just for more money. I may never be rich, but I’ve got a clear conscience which, as you’ll find, is very important as you get older… especially when you are trying to go to sleep!”


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