Dream Trip Day 36   Real Madrid FC stadium, futbol, Irishman in Irish pub

Start the day waiting on the shower.

Jeremy saw the other roommate and said she was redhead from Ireland. She just said hello, was traveling with another girl, not sure if friend or GF.

We figure out the route to Real Madrid FC arena as it’s a bit far with a couple of metro changes.

Pretty long line to enter, but it moves quickly.

We have over an hour before next tour so walk over to small cafe for beer and snack.

Madrid isn’t near water so you miss cool breezes on a hot afternoon.

We watch angry driver honking at most other cars, can’t seem to find a parking spot so he double parks, virtually blocking the small road and calmly walks inside for a coffee and croissant, eaten standing up.

Despite traffic having to drive around his car he doesn’t seem to rush as he sips his coffee a bit, then on his way.

We return to stadium and wait for the tour, much larger group and we are only English speakers.

Guide tries to say everything in Spanish then English but slowly gives up and it’s mostly all Spanish as they are asking a lot of questions

They have so many trophies! Your team gets a trophy for winning a certain set of other trophies, like every title in Spain you get Spanish national trophy if done the same year.

As Madrid is the Capital city, it’s home to the king and thus Real or Royal FC of Spain.


We end tour after watching many highlights of the team scoring and winning, so much that you too become a fan of the team.


There was a opera concert later in the week so scaffolding ruined a lot of the views of the pitch. No discounts on tickets. Dang that’s wrong.

Metro back to Sol but we get confused and exit instead of changing trains. Luckily metro police understands and let us back in to hop next train.

We had scoped out an Irish pub and head in to catch a couple matches.

Outside are several very loud drunk Swiss guys who are from a French-speaking part of the country.  Luckily France won, game is over so they leave.

Si strikes up a conversation with English guy and his wife, who is from Japan.

We talk and watch the match, telling stories about our trips, jokes about English team not playing well and laughing a lot.

Soon an older chap walks in, makes comments to English guy too. He is Irish.

He sits next to me and we talk, he tells me many stories about his life.

He notices I order a different beer each round, ‘so you like tasting beers, yeah?’

Pulls out a pen, grabs a coaster and draws me a map to a place he has been going to in Amsterdam since the 70s.

Suddenly he stops, ‘well you could google it I suppose but I’ve drawn this much, may as well finish. Plus a map to a bar written on a coaster is a hell of a story.’

He flew down as they just begun flying to Madrid from his local airport and at a very low introductory cost. Said it would be more fun than hanging out for a long weekend at home.

He soon left after regaling me with amazing stories and told me how proud he was of me for taking my long trip. ‘Stay on the road long as you can, travel, make and tell stories. That’s why we are here, lad.’

This pub had an intimidating selection of US beers, mainly pales and IPAs.

Owner is a huge hop head and is trying to convert locals but since they are imported beer they cost a lot more and local beers are very cheap. A very hard sell.

He stocks what he likes to drink he said with a wink. His selection is better than some US bars I’ve been to.

We end the night hanging with the owner for one more round but he said he would usually close by that time as we were the only ones there, he pours us a shot of Jack. Salud!

A couple of guys wander in but he waves them out, salado, closed amigos.

We finish and wave goodbye with many thank yous, gracias as we exit.

This place is maybe a block from our apt luckily.

Beer: Raging Bitch IPA on draught !
Song: Miles Davis   Saeta



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