Dream trip Day 37 Madrid   lunch at mercado, parq de real, bullfighter bar

We decided it was time to eat at the mercado as it has many options we wanted to try.

Black paella, made with black rice and squid ink is tempting and not something I will likely see in the US.

I get empanadas and wine deal from nice lady.

‘Spanish wine is best, goes good with ham. You must have.’ It’s only 1€ more so wine for Bfest it shall be.

Si gets shashimi, Jeremy gets a very tasty looking egg and potato cake like item that Spain is famous for: tortilla de patata

Sort of like quiche, but layers of potatoes too, very tasty and filing.

We walk around the plaza and decide to go to rail station to get ticket for Valencia.

We took the same route I did 4 yrs ago, from Sol to rail station.

We pass Museo de Jamon, the hostel I stayed at is still across from it, the memories come flooding back.

Museo de Jamon is now a chain of restaurants that are much larger than the original one I went to years ago.

Located the rail station, looks like they finally finished construction.

Day of tickets are the only option, we are directed to a hellish waiting room and take a number to buy advanced day sales.

We wait and as far as I can tell they didn’t call more than 2 numbers in 20min, ours is tens away from the number they are at.

We ditch the waiting room and I tell them there’s a park near.

We walk through the parque de real with a ‘lake like pond’ as I describe it from the previous time I was there.

It’s a pond dude, nothing lake about it is the verdict. Seemed bigger in my memories.

We get coffee near the paddle boaters and are serenaded by a band who then aggressively passes a hat around, yelling ‘euros por favor para musica!’

A walk around the park and it’s back to exit at the Prado art museum.

Immense line to enter Prado so we just walk down Prado Blvd looking at the many buildings that house the largest art collection on display in the world.

Louve has a larger collection, but most are in storage, these pieces can be seen.

We pop into a Starbucks for WC break.

Back to apt to change, big game soon.

I break off and walk to a bullfighting bar nearby that supposed to have a live fight on.

Alas no bullfight on TV but the walls are decorated with a stuffed bull head and pictures. Gory pics of matadors being gored in nearly every way possible line the walls.

Most gruesome is guy taking a horn through the bottom of jaw, most of the horn jutting out of his mouth. Hard to look at most without feeling a sharp stab of pain.

I return to Irish pub and join the fellows along with our British friends from the night before.

We have a couple pints, laughing and soon the match is over and our English friends leave to catch a night train to Seville.

Decide on dinner nearby during the hour break for night match to start.

Light snacks for me, sausages and fried taters.

Hang at Irish pub and basically watch the match with only our owner friend while pulling beers from the coolers, he is somehow keeping tabs for each of us but I don’t recall him writing anything down.

We talk to him about Madrid after match. He knows some English but not a lot. Keeps repeating ‘for example…’ before most things he says.

One final beer before we head out, it’s midnight so we decide to get 1 more elsewhere.

Walk over to Sol area and things are closing up, but not strip clubs. We decide not to drop a lot of € on what have to be scams.

We wander all over before finding a spot with outside seats.

Actually are able to get 2 pints before they close up. Good area for people watching as there is a big club next door so plenty of people walk in and out.

We meander through side streets back to our apt.

I hang on the balcony one last time and watch as the night trash crew make as much noise as they can while tossing trash into their truck.


Beer: Bombardier English ESB
Song: Mice Parade   Focus on the Roller Coaster


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