Dream Trip Day 38   Madrid to Valencia by train

We awake and I pile up my bedding onto the actual beds.

One of the nights, the small fan we borrowed from the entry had been kicked and now had a broken foot so we stood it back up so it looked normal.

Quick metro ride to rail station. Now we could get a ticket to Valencia.

We got upgrade seats as they are running a special 1st class with 15% discount but we had to ask in order to obtain these tickets.

The train didn’t have many passengers, even in 1st class with discount. Lots of empty seats.

It didn’t occur to me a meal was included until the smell of pasta and chicken began to waft into our car.

This meal felt odd as our train ride was less than 2hrs so you got on, meal served and then you’re in Valencia.

A couple of metro stops and many turns through a residential area and we had arrived.

The keys to our apt were in a small pub a block away, just asked guy for our hosts keys and we had them.



Our apt was a couple blocks from the wall that used to surround the city, a very large, tall door between two towers is now chained open, leading into old downtown.

Narrow cobblestone streets were the norm here, few cars.

Found a small pub and caught the final half of the afternoon match.


The big one was later that night so we had about an hour to find a cool pub.

Located an English pub and sat in the last seats at the bar.

Soon the place was beyond packed, shoulder to shoulder, hard to move.

The screen was behind us and due to the crush of people, made sitting very difficult.

We gave our seats to a couple of girls in front of us as they asked us to rest due to walking around all day in heels feet pain.

Ladies be sure to pack walking shoes, flat walking shoes. I’ve had this happen on previous trips when friends would only pack nice heels and they will destroy your feet after a couple hours walking.

Everyone made a bit more room for the girls in chairs, but not for us. It was a good move as we now had a bit of standing room at the bar.

It was England vs Iceland game so lots of yelling at the screen by a large British contingent.

“They played like shite!” is the overwhelming consensus by the England fans as they file out.

I negotiated many people and stairs to find the restroom far in the back, only to return to see just Si. He said to follow him outside.

Jeremy was at a table with a couple of girls. We sat down and chatted with them.

They were a new couple from England, the girl closest to me didn’t seem entirely gay as she placed her hand on my knee repeatedly and clung to Jeremy or my arm on several occasions.

She was really drunk I concluded. Confirmed when the waiter told us it was last call and she ordered a water then pulled out a 20oz soda bottle filled with gin from her purse.

We all took turns drinking her ‘water’ until it was empty, laughing and sharing stories about our apparently epic trip. The girls were impressed we’d been all over.

As it turns out most everything closed at midnight in our part of town so we had no food options. We had missed dinner as the English pub stopped food service prior to the match except for fries and chips, easy prepared options.

Back at our apt we found a surprisingly full fridge and well stocked shelf. Late night cooking, combing ingredients not usually mixed but at this time of night went together perfectly.

Song: Miles Davis   Concierto de Aranjuez (Adagio)
Beer: Maes


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