Dream Trip Day 39   Valencia parks, nude beach, rabbit paella

Woke up round 10 and luckily we had a washer in the apt again.

Jeremy and Si did much better at picking airbnbs than I did. Theirs always had a washer, near metro and individual rooms.

Washed all clothes in what turned out to be the longest wash cycle I’ve ever encountered, over an hour.

Told them to get Bfest without me as I still needed dry time.

Met them at groc store near apt wearing damp clothes and we restocked the cupboard as we ate a noticeable amount the night before.

Jeremy and I picked up night beers for later.

We read the Valencia mercado was one of the oldest and best in Spain, it did not disappoint.

Huge indoor market with small vendors selling fruits, nuts, raw meats of all types plus a large fresh fish section.


There were signs all over posting that Valencia has a unique and best horchata so I tried one.

It was much sweeter, made with rice milk and not chocolate-y like Mexican style horchata.

I selected a couple of fish empanadas which where good and fresh. Larger than what I’ve seen in US or Mexico too, which are more bite size.

The entire city is surrounded by a park so I felt we should investigate it.

Walked through a lush green zone that used to be a moat, then hunting grounds for royals, passing by many joggers and bikers.

Sat at a small food stand and had a radler, beer with lemonade.

Decided to get rail tickets so off to train station. No discount this time, popular route.

I suggested we check out the pier, beach as it was only mid afternoon.

Long train ride and confusing transfer we missed to board the final train to beach so we had to walk through grimy neighborhoods enjoying the cool ocean breeze.

Found beach but no one into idea of feet in the sand so we posted up at a pier restaurant for beers and views.

Restaurant overlooked the beach and several ladies were sunning topless.

I noted a couple of wading in, woman covering up her chest while guy splashed her.

They ended up damn near going at it in the water! She loosened up and waded back to the beach exposed.


Navigated back to apt via several train changes.

Dinner mission was to find paella as we had to have it in country.

Located a nice spot near the apt and sat down.

Si told me Valencia paella is unique as it’s not seafood, but rabbit and chicken.

It was delicious, the rice had a crust on the bottom and sides plus rice was still a bit wet too. Fall off the bone rabbit and chicken, super delicious.

Jeremy stuck again with peppers and bravas papas.

An older man sauntered up pulling an amp and guitar. Proceeds to sing a nice Spanish song.

Then he breaks into CCR’s Proud Mary and totally kills it to the cheers of many seated outside. He was very entertaining.

We walk around the cathedral after eating and it’s much better sight lit up.



Popped into the pub that held out apt keys for last call.

Back to the apt as we prepared for the early bar closing and enjoyed groc beers.

It sprinkled rain most of the evening, we were covered by a mesh net on the patio so we were unaffected.

Beer: Cruzcampo
Song: Patty Asher  Let it Be



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