Dream Trip Day 40   Valencia to Barcelona, Santa Familia, craft beer

We had an afternoon train so breakfast was croissant and coffee.

Located a different train station than the one we arrived at as this one had a much faster train for some reason, guess it was an express vs local ?


Turned out train wasn’t a time saver after all. Just outside a city we stopped to pick up people, but waited longer than usual.

An announcement in Spanish states roughly an hour delay.

We were allowed to exit and I overheard the conductor explaining a car hit a train ahead so we had to wait until the wreck was removed from the tracks.


Seems my Spanish is improving, at least my comprehension.

Si and I explored looking for beers, followed some guys to a pub in the station but you had to exit the platform to enter.

Elected not to risk missing the train and found bev car that sold us cold beers.

The train took off just as we sat down so I’m not sure if the guys in the pub made it back in time.

Rolled into Barcelona and it was hot.

Negotiated the stunning amount of people around the Santa Familia cathedral.

Still impressively large, still under construction.

Our apt was a few blocks away and we located it with ease.

A cool local met us at the door arriving via motorcycle.

Our apt was one of the few I’ve seen with AC. It’s usually open a window for ventilation.

Decided to locate dinner and walked for blocks, even locating what seemed to be an authentic Mexican spot that was full.

Just sat down at the next spot on a corner with empty table, they were all tapas so likely all fairly similar.

Ordered diablo sausage which was small, chorizo bits, in very greasy, red oil along with potato and cheese balls.

Jeremy once again had fried peppers and papas frites.

On the walk back to the apt we saw ‘craft beer Barcelona,’ we had to stop.

Had a few pints and likely since they were closing up, they gave us a plate of empanadas.

Santa Familia at night is quite a spectacle, probably because it’s finally quiet and you can see most of it as there are few tourists out.

Beer: La Rambla

Song: Micah P Hinson  Yard of Blonde Girls


This was outside our hostel in Valencia. Translates to: Eat good meat, drink old wine, and your skin will shine


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