Dream trip Day 45 Hanging with Alex, beach, burritos n beer

I’d gone asleep presuming I’d have until noon before I’d leave but not so. A loud knock on the door?

‘Quien es?’ I ask behind the door.

‘Your 9am wake up call his here! We are cleaners can you open the door?’ Came the reply.

Gone were my plans of a leisurely morning coffee and shower. I packed up quickly and headed over to the hostel.

It was very close to the apt, literally straight down a street near our apt. Picked up a coffee along the way.

Was able to actually check in and get a room despite the early hour, they said they had an open bed.

Joined Alex in the lobby, we were off to meet his friend and perhaps get some lunch.

His friend took us to a small cafe and told us to order moscatel, a local wine drink. It was good and I’m not a big wine fan. It wasn’t sangria but wine, spice and fruits.

Our friend had to leave after a couple of glasses but showed us vegetarian spots.

We settled on a Middle East place and I saw moussaka, a dish I’d heard of but never had.

Turned out it was eggplant and mushroom dish, vegetarian, it tasted good as did the jasmine rice. Big fan of jasmine rice.

It had looked like rain all morning but cleared up quite nicely after lunch. Beach time!

It was fairly expensive to rent an umbrella once on the beach, but Alex wanted one so he wouldn’t burn.

We took turns swimming and watching our stuff. Off to one side a woman is tanning topless, I note.

The beach is filled with small time hustlers: Mojitos, cerveza, massage? Wait wtf, yes an older lady was offering a beach massage though I didn’t see anyone take her offer.

So many guys walked by that saying no grew tiresome so I just laid down for some rays and wound up sleeping a bit.

When it was my turn to swim, I slowly waded in up to my knees before stopping. A bit chilly.

I look around and slowly eased in a bit at a time while children and parents splashed.

I resolved to just jump in water next time, get it over with vs this drawn out acclimation process. It’s the worst.

Floating in the water is one of the best things in the world. I smile wide, I did it, really did it! I’d gone on a long vacation and was swimming in the ocean in Europe on a Sunday.

After sunning and drying off awhile we had to pack up. A match was on later.

Back to the hostel for showers and change of clothes.

Metro to the one place we’d know the game would be on: Irish pub by La Famila!

Another bit of a blowout and this place isn’t serving food as they are packed and have a tiny kitchen.

We turn the corner and Alex spies a burrito joint, yep here it is. How we missed this place I don’t know as we walked by it many times.

A shockingly delicious burrito, a bit spicy even, awaited us, even got some cold AC here. The Irish pub is old and doesn’t have cold air though it sure needs it.

A couple of doors down was the craft beer Barcelona bar so I took Alex in.

We had a couple pints, Alex even got a shot at last call, I had to use the restroom so I missed out.

We taxi back to the hostel, I made an argument it was a nice, short walk, Alex countered we’d walked enough the day before. Indeed.

I waved goodbye and said farewell. Good times with this guy in 2 countries.

Once again I would be alone.

Beer: San Miguel

Song: Aphex Twin   Alberto Balsam


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