Dream trip Day 56 Waiting around for rock festival

I woke up in a cold sweat, this room was sauna hot. No AC, roomful of people in summer it was nearly unbearable.

I shockingly was able to go back to sleep, I’d need it as I figured it was going to be a late night. My friends’ band didn’t go on until midnight.

I lounged around the hostel, drinking coffee as it was sprinkling a bit of rain.

After burning a few hours surfing the net, my next adventure was booked: Budapest was a cheap, quick flight away.

I determined I was noodle hungry, seemed last time I was in town we walked by several joints.

A quick walk and I was at a noodle spot where I was seated and then ignored.

I basically had to tackle a waiter to take my order but the noodles were good.

I took a long route back stopping in a small pub for a pint.

It was in this pub I received the text I was anxiously awaiting.

The night before I mentioned I needed info on how to get to the show and luckily the tour manager overheard. The band was shuttled from hotel to venue and he felt safe telling me there should be room for me, but he’d confirm day of the show.

All I had to do now was be at the hotel in a few hours to ride with my friends to the show vs an hour ride on the metro as the show was well outside of town. What a wonderful turn of events!

I showered up and laid down for a bit before it was time to walk.

I wasn’t too hungry but knew I should have a bit to eat as I wasn’t sure of the food situation at the show. Could just be expensive burgers, festival food.

Ice cream is everywhere and it was crazy cheap so I had a cone as I walked past the dildo building.

I met Matt in the lobby and we hung in his room drinking a bit of wine and watching the pool party below.

Crazy loud sound system pounded out bass and jams while pretty people danced below around the pool, quite a sight.

Soon we hopped into a van and hit the Spanish highway, a new part of town to see.

The tour manager greeted us and handed us all access passes as well as meal tickets!

We found the dressing room and then walked behind the venue to the cafe.

It was buffet style chicken, rice, salads, cold cuts, so much food.

Plus a soda fountain. Everything was all you can eat, drink.

We had several hours to kill before the show so we walked around the festival grounds stopping to check out a huge drum set and guitar, both 10x normal size.


A German metal band was onstage and we stopped a moment to watch as fire and lasers lit up the night.


Soon the band had to huddle up in the dressing room but fortunately we ran into Chad who rolled up a spliff on the bleachers behind the venue. It felt very high school sneaking a smoke moment. Security was walking near but they paid us no mind.

We walked around searching for the soundboard, but were blocked by metal barricades.

My friends fiancé became my hero when she merely lifted the railings open, then we ducked under the scaffolding leading to the soundboard.

Again security didn’t stop us but we had all access passes and knew the crew if anyone confronted us.

Seeing a rock show from front of house is an amazing experience, best views and sound!

We met up after the show and had time for a beer before being whisked away by the shuttle.

It was super late when I got back to the hotel so felt best to grab a cab to my hostel.

I climbed into bed after 3am, a smile on my face.

I’d had an amazing night, everything kept getting better and I just rolled with each improvement.

Beer: Estrella Damm
Song: King Diamond  Abigail


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