Dream trip Day 57 Beaches, tacos, rock bar

Matt his wife and I made plans to meet up in the afternoon and walk around the city the night before. I cannot wait to explore the city with friends, maybe show off a bit of my limited knowledge of the Barcelona.

Get a text and they were hungry so I suggested the taco spot I went to a couple of weeks ago near the Arc.

Still great, still packed but we beat a crowd and had a table inside so we could people watch.

AC was pretty necessary this hot day.

I saw a pretty girl try some of the hot sauces and comically react to a milder one, as if it were liquid fire. Spice just isn’t a thing for most people I guess.

We decided to stroll on the boardwalk by the beach as it was a wonderful day. A good decision as there were several ladies sunbathing topless.

I see you, creepy guys snapping pics! I know that the sea makes for a good pic but not as many as you’re taking, buddy.

We locate a small park next to the boardwalk and sit, chill for a bit. I’m amazed at how close we are to both the beach and downtown, but it doesn’t feel like it. It felt like being in a forest, very green and inviting.

A ball comes our way, kids are playing nearby, Matt kicks it back into play.

We make our way back to their hotel and finish off a bottle of wine from Spain. Very delicious and I’m glad I was able to try some local wine in country.

There’s another loud pool party downstairs, how the neighbors tolerate the bass I do not know. At least they stop precisely at 10 so maybe everyone goes out until the party stops.

The rock bar they wanted to take me to is open so we pop in. Pics of rock legends line the wall, including one at the table we get.

Round of beers follows as does a bit of food, burgers.

I had to cut out after a bit, early flight in the morning so I bid farewell to my friends, thanking them for the rock show experience and hospitality.

I walked a down a different street to my hostel than I had previously and there was some sort of big show about to go on.

I didn’t catch who it was, but the line was over a block long, snaking around a building.

Beer: Amestel  Oro

Song: the Doors   Spanish Caravan


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