Dream trip Day 62 Roast chicken and last chance see the moon by bridge

I had extended my stay at the hostel a couple of times as I wasn’t sure if I’d like a city so I typically booked 3 days at first then ask if they were full and extend or get out. I wanted to stay here, Budapest was beautiful and inexpensive.

I had walked past a chicken joint, well a normal one, not paprika chicken, but it closed super early, and had a line out the door by noon.

Today was the day to see what the hype was about and it was good, roast chicken. Only bad point is they used mayo like it was water, just drowned potato and corn salads in it to a comical degree.

I finished just as the line was forming.

Thing is I had no plan since I’d done just about everything I found to do online so it was another day of just walking around.

I decided to investigate the cave temples in Buda, across the river.

Centuries ago monks lived in natural caves and carved the mountain since they had nothing else to do, it’s what monks do: they pray and carve stuff. Or make beer.

A small waterfall added to the spectacle, these monks were onto something, it was very serene and no doubt had a lovely view of the city.

Back over to Pest side via bridge and I was in tourist downtown, near a Hard Rock Cafe so I had to stop and get a pin for my bro.

I stopped for some ice cream but mainly to people watch. It was hot so the cone cooled me down and I saw the insane things tourist families do.

Arm loads of souvenirs that likely won’t make it back home. Long waits for dinner at a place listed as ‘must eat in Budapest.’

Plus, my favorite tourist staple: themed shirts with sir and family name. Basically and ad for, ‘hey I’m prob lost so take advantage of me I’m not from here.’

I then popped in for a final pint at Red Ruin. They had a lot of American beers so I put myself in the bartenders hands and asked for a pale ale.

He delivered, it was good. Going to miss this spot and all the posters.

I made my way over to a coffee shop for wifi so I could figure out Bratislava, a place I was going solely because it was close, cheap, and on the way to Vienna.

I located a couple hostels and emailed them asking about a bed for the weekend when it began to rain lightly.

I had another cup while the weather broke.

I took a new route back and located several older gothic buildings, cathedrals were rare due to communist rule.

I looped back to the river and the sun was setting in the next hour or so. Grabbed some beers at corner store and walked the bridge.

I again ran into the German receptionist who was chatting with 3 other people I hadn’t met before.

A guy from Sweden and a couple from New Jersey, cute girl, long-haired bearded guy.

We heard cheering and looked down to see a party boat sailing under and it was close. So close we knew at some point someone had to have jumped bridge to boat.

We agreed to hang and walked to an outside table at a bar near the river chatting about Spain, Italy and Morocco.

No one had been to Bratislava and wondered why I wanted to go. Just hang with us here for the weekend.

In retrospect that is what I should have done.

It was late and the NJ couple wanted breakfast before the walking tour so an early morning for them.

I stopped in for a final pint at the pub next to the hostel. Only soccer on TV tonight, but several very drunk people were making a racket.

It was one guys bday and he gave me a big hug and said he was gay.

After talking to him a bit I suspected he wasn’t gay but pretending so he could get with a pretty girl in his group.

They took shot after shot, occasionally one would talk to me for a moment before joining back up with the group for another singalong.

They were a loud, friendly group. I knew they wouldn’t be as entertaining once all the shots took hold so I waved goodbye and hugged my way to the door.

A fine way to end good times in Budapest.















This is top 5 pics of all the ones I took on my trip.

Song: Breaking Benjamin   Breath

Beer: American Pale Ale



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