Dream trip Day 64 Farewell Bratislava, long long laundry day, Vienna

A much needed amenity at this hotel was access to their washer dryer in the basement.

I woke up and got my clothes into the wash early so I felt good that I’d be done soon and on the train to Vienna.

It took over an hour for my clothes to wash, I’m not sure if it went through those pre and post wash cycles.

There were only 2 dryers and they were both spinning so I had to wait until they were done before I could start. At least there was a chair right by the basement stairs so I saw everyone coming and going.

The simple but necessary decision to do laundry wound up taking about 4 hours. I wish I was exaggerating but these were the worst dryers I’ve ever encountered.

Pretty much all I saw of Bratislava was a restaurant and hotel, rather depressing.

Made it to the bus station and soon saw how pretty Slovakia is: green grass, wind farms and mountains in the distance changed my sullied view of the country.

Also why does this quote pour country use wind turbines and the US doesnt? They are at least smarter and future thinking. Oil coal and wood will run out.


I arrived in Vienna late afternoon and learned that my hostel  was well over an hour walk away from the bus depot.

I wonder if Uber gives discounts if used in German speaking countries? No they do not but they ask the same question about having a preferred route because, of course, I knew my way around the city having just arrived 5 minutes ago. Haha well I guess drivers don’t know that.

I chose this hostel as it was same chain as the one I stayed at in Brussels so I knew it was good, plus they gave a discount for a previous stay at any of their locations.

I needed help, Vienna was expensive! At least I was only staying the weekend so things are usually cheaper during the week.

I was in an odd location, not near too many activities so I knew I had to find a place closer to the river, downtown.

I located a bar library a short walk away and headed out. I was about 25 min walk from anything to do. I’d see the city though!

The city and buildings were very pretty. Old and ornate.

I crossed a bridge to get closer to city centre and saw tiny islands in the water that had restaurants, bars. Made me wonder if these were natural land or artificially created.

After crossing the bridge I noticed the stairs that lead down to a walkway right on the river so people could access these islands as well as run or bike.

They had good beers and friendly servers at the library bar so I hung out awhile and wound up catching a half of a German futbol game.

Stacks of German, Austrian magazines surrounded my table. I thumbed through a couple, looking at pics and trying to grasp the gist of the articles.

There were hundreds of books and they seemed fine with you reading them without buying as I saw a couple people doing.

To one side of the store were stairs leading to the basement smokers room.

The stairs were near the restrooms and you could smell the stale smoke once you were near the doors, which wasn’t pleasant but did overpower any restroom smells so I thought that was a bit clever.

Across the street was an Australian pub, full too, there was a line to get in. Seemed a bit heavy on the stereotypes as khaki was the servers dress.

I’ll bet they greeted everyone with a ‘g’day, mate!’

A neon Foster’s sign glowed out front, a beer every Australian I spoke to said no one drank down there.

On my walk back I realized how hot the city was, I was sweating yet it was after 10pm.

Luckily they rent out fans as there isn’t ac and the windows barely crack open, ‘for your safety!’

The hostel also sells beer, so a couple beers, fan and an evening in my room was complete.

It was money saving time for awhile.

Beer: Goldbräu/ Stiegl beer
Song: Beethoven  Moonlight Sonata



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