Dream trip Day 66 New hostel, new friend, new blues

After checkout, I had about 4 hrs to kill before I could check into my new hostel. This one did not have a free breakfast but did have a cafe with a coffee machine.

‘Kafe with milk please.’ I asked.

‘Ok, please sit, I bring to you. Pay after,’ said the barista.

He proceeded to make me a latte to my puzzlement. Sigh, I still had a lot to learn about coffee ordering it seemed.

I sipped my latte and hunted for a lunch spot as the hostel would tolerate you for only so long, not all day.

I overheard a business meeting going in a few tables away. From what I could translate, the couple were buying a house in Germany.

After my latte, I walked to a main street that lead into the city, there’d be a place to eat on it and it was on the way to my next hostel.

There was a pizza joint as I turned right heading into town. Nah, need to attempt to try something Austrian.

I saw a spot with a sign advertising lunch specials. It was a nice day and it had large, open windows.

I ordered a spoetzel, noodle dish, but with meatballs. It was close to spaghetti and meatballs, but no tomato sauce, more meat broth sauce. Plus the noodles were thicker than even tagliatelle. Very good.

The place I moved to turned out to be college dorms that weren’t used in the summer by the look of them.

Three stories of single bed rooms, each with a desk inside. Each floor had gym style showers, so 1 gender per floor. This way there weren’t any encounters in the showers.

It was cloudy, near rain so I stayed in my room and wrote for a bit, then napped.

I’d located another brewpub a short walk away so I dressed and walked.

There was a huge park I saw along the walk and made a note to explore it tomorrow.

The beer was good at the small pub. They made 3 beers from light, amber and a stout. This way they had a beer for everyone.

I liked small places like this, they made just enough beer for their customers, it was never sold anywhere else. Likely they were made from an old family recipe.

I got a bowl of soup, seemed like the right thing to have as it was an expensive restaurant more than brewery.

It was still early so I located another brewpub and walked that way.

Instead of going in, I spied an Irish pub across the street. Time to switch it up.

Again, a subtly attractive bartendress took care of the entire pub. At the bar and outside she walked around ever so often.

I didn’t know how she handled the volume and still managed to suck down cigarette after cigarette, but she always seemed to be in a corner smoking.

I sat at the bar next to a thin guy hand rolling a cigarette and ordered a beer.

‘Ah you are English or American?’ He asked.

We chatted for a while. He was from a small city in Germany, but was studying in Vienna. He loved skiing and loved America.

He was fascinated about the Grand Canyon, Mississippi River and any mountains that could be skied. He was surprised I didn’t ski.

‘It is so great to talk to an American. Not many come here and are so friendly and cool. Let’s take a shot.’ he said excitedly.

We talked scotch for a while, that’s what he was sipping on. I told him I enjoyed scotch at home, but it was expensive compared to beer and I had to save money.

He soon grew silent after his beverage and after a while announced he had to leave.

Taking my hand to shake, he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, then smiled. ‘Really good talking to you, good travels,’ then he disappeared.

I still had half a pint so I watched a couple of locals talk to the pretty bartendress, who laughed and stubbed out her smoke just about halfway before making a beverage or walking around the patio.

Soon, I finished my pint and headed out into the night.

Walking after 10pm in a foreign city is always an adventure as is locating the correct route back to the hostel.

Every shop is closed so you cannot orientate yourself by the businesses, so I always have 2 points of reference including rail station, strange building or street name.

As I walk a guy appears in a stoop and says something in German, then English, ‘hey, hey…’ I turned around but did not stop. Now is now the time to see what someone wants or try to help.

Usually at this hour, guys are trying to sell drugs or girls to tourists or it’s a trap!

I waited an appropriate time, until I was at a cross walk, to casually check behind me. I’m not being followed.

Once I’m back at the hostel, the tables are set up for chess and there are a table permanently occupied by guys playing while smoking.

I hangout for a bit and watch, procuring a beer from the receptionist, but they don’t seem to want to talk or do anything that doesn’t involve chess.

Beer: IPA 55 Lichtenthaler Bräu

Song: Billy Joel  Vienna



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