Dream trip Day 70 Prague, metronome, sk8rz

I awoke and to my surprise I was the only one in my room.

Gathering my shower items I was again surprised to find an open shower.

Seems I arrived on a good day as everyone was checking out.

After my shower I hung out on the smokers lounge watching people eat, unaware that I was watching as they were focused on eating or conversation.

There was a glass cover over each of the tables so any weather didn’t affect eating.

Just watching people talk, walk or play a game in a park, those types of people watching so an aerial view of a restaurant was a nice way to pass time.

I soon set out in search of coffee and went into a Starbucks next door to a sex toy museum, complete with rotating dildo piece that was the subject of many photos but I didn’t see many venture inside.

While sipping my coffee I searched for activities nearby. Thanks free WiFi!

I soon concluded that my French’s friend’s assessment of their coffee was sadly true: tastes burned if you get it just black or with a little milk.

Success! Worlds largest metronome was a mile away on top of a mountain. Should be cool to see both the metronome as well as the city.

Very excellent walk through the old town square, which opened up after a few blocks to a bridge and river.

During daylight the square was full of fancy cars, Segways, and horse and carriages for tours around the city.

There was also a food court area where they served ham, brauts and goulash. The area smelled wonderful from the smoke coming out of large, metal smokers full of sides of ‘Old Prague Ham.’

I crossed a bridge and again was at the bottom of a lot of stairs, but the excitement of what was up top powered me through the climb.

I saw some Asian tourists walk up stairs in a diagonal fashion and it seemed to be a bit easier, less harsh on the legs.

You really can only use this stair climbing method if you’re the only person around, otherwise you’ll be bumping into people as well as enduring the puzzled looks from those behind you.

After pausing a moment to catch my breath, it was taken away again by the stunning view of the city.

It was a similar view as Lyon, I was on the highest point of the city and there wasn’t many tall buildings.

As I walked towards the metronome, I passed by a small bar kiosk surrounded by lounge chairs.

All the chairs were full and everyone had a beer or glass of wine.

Beer was about the equivalent of 1$ a pint up here, some of the cheapest I’d seen in person, but had heard that there were even cheaper options to be found.

Climbing more stairs I was at metronome level with an even grandeur view of the city.

The walls around the metronome were occupied by people drinking, hanging out, couples on dates holding hands or hugging. Very serene.

The metronome was overhead, slowly counting time, its pendulum rocking back and forth creating a small yet calming humming rhythm.


What a great pic! I mean this looks like a couple’s post card!

The area behind the metronome was open and had additional stairs so it was the skater hangout.

I took a seat and watched as the skaters turned tricks while the metronome swayed and couples kissed.

The stairs that were the platform of the skaters art lead down to a park.

Following the walkway, I spied a small road and wondered if it lead down to the road.

It didn’t go all the way down the mountain, but it did have an unobstructed view of Prague and the Vlatan River so I snapped several pics.


I encourage everyone to find the highest point near their home city, it’s a great view and new perspective of where you live.

I headed back down the stairs and into the city on the other side of the street.

There were different shops and other new sights to see.

There seemed to be several extravagant cars that will tour  you around the city in addition to the usual horse and buggy.

Only a few blocks and I was back in the city centre, the astronomical clock was a short walk and a right turn away.

Food was cooked and sold in a market. Old Prague Ham was one stall. Another was the cinnamon roll thing I saw lots of people eating. Had to try both eventually.

I made my way to a small convenience store across the street from my hostel to pick up a beer. Cost is about 1.50$.

I slowly wind my way down the main road, passed the sex museum on my right, elegant glass wear to my left.

Now have to slip past the crowd for the astronomical clock directly in front of me.

Soon I am in front of a large, chained off statue surrounded by benches.

Lots of people have already staked out a bit of space by sitting down or laying a sheet on the cobblestone.

Some had wine bottles out, beers or small food items. Again that cinnamon roll thing I’d seen before but this time it was filled with ice cream.

I decided that this would be my evening, just walking back and forth to the store and back to the statue, taking in the sites.

There weren’t any police walking around but there were policie cars around.

Many of the benches had been taken over long ago by several homeless people. It was almost camp like of temporary structures they assembled around the bench.

Others shared just sitting at a bench, telling stories or sleeping.

I’m sure they had to move these guys every night at a certain point.

If I was facing the direction of my hostel to my left was a huge Gothic church with a large clock tower and the astronomical clock. On my right was yet another huge statehouse with marble two black topped spires.

A very cool area to walk around in so I just wound up walking in a big loop spending about an hour or so to do it as I stopped to catch the hourly clock show.

There was always a huge crowd in front of the astronomical clock no matter the hour and it clogged up getting in or out of downtown.

I met a nicely dressed man whose was trying to get people to go into the strip club next door to the convenience store I was going into.

I never went into that club, it just seemed so shady, but he looked cool in his red hat and jacket, looked like a mayor or some character.

He told me about the city and what else to see and do. He liked the huge castle area to the west of the city as well as a walk along the river.

After several walks and beer, it began to sprinkle rain so I waved at my new friend and got inside my hostel.

I sat in the empty smokers lounge and watched the rain awhile.

A fine day indeed.

This is officially the halfway point on my Dream Trip! 70 days down 70 to go !

Song: Antonin Dvorak  Symphony No 9

Beer: Staropramen Premium



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