Dream trip Day 71 Dancing House, geese, karaoke

Woke up again to an empty room. My Italian friend’s things were there, but he was not.

No signs of any others staying in the room, either.

Did some research in the common room while air drying after a shower.

A hostel worker takes a group of females past me to the female dorms saying hello while the others just wave.

Located the celebrated Dancing House designed by Frank Gehry a short walk down the river.

One of my good friends is an architect so I always enjoy finding an interesting house or building and sending him a pic.


It really is a stunning place to see in person. Nothing else around it looks similar, it exudes style.

Its located on a corner near a bridge so I cross the Vltava River, the wind whips my hair.

Soon I am on the other side of the city at a boat launching spot.

The spot is now taken over by swans, ducks and other waterfowl, there are feathers all over, some blowing in the wind.


Quite funny to hear these bird noises especially compared to usually pleasant-sounding air bird noises.

They are always honking to smaller birds to get out-of-the-way. It’s not a nice sound at all.

I watch awhile at the birds as well as taking in the view of the city.

Following the river I pass through several parks, all have a great view of the lazy river.


Lots of paddle boats out during the day, party boats out at night on the river.

I decide to try to find my hostel by going through the neighborhood vs main road I was used to.

Lots of cool shops, bars, apartments with the odd church dotted my walk. Really liked the cobblestone streets.

The roads aren’t crowded, but yet traffic occurs due to everyone walking very slowly, gingerly.

Not just elderly which I expected would walk slower, I had to pass several slow Brits who seemed to be eyeing every step.

“Oh dear, don’t want to have a nasty fall here.” One older chap said as I passed.

You’ll be fine people. Just walk, one foot in front of the other.

Groups on these streets were also prone to abruptly stopping. I nearly ran into a gal in the back. They stopped just to finish up a conversation! Gah…

The cars zoomed by, not minding anyone since most of these roads were one way.

This despite the many tourists, new to the city, who are gawking at everything, not paying attention when they step into the road.

It seemed that the cars were racing someone to their destination, they were hauling ass.

Ah there’s an absinthe bar, I heard they were in Prague. Seemed a bit early to get into that stuff.

I soon passed by a Hard Rock Cafe as I knew I eventually would. Another pin!

I hung out with my friend in front of the convenience store after purchasing a beer.

It was fun to watch him try to work a group to come into the strip club.

95% of the time unless they were already drunk, a polite wave and a No was all he got.

He asked if I was going out, because if I was, well he was a man who could get things.

‘I can get you come cocaine if you want my friend. I know everyone.’ he said.

His side business seemed much more lucrative as he pitched the strip club first, got a reaction, and then the would spring his connection in a low voice.

“Go over there and my friend will be with you in a few.” He would tell people, then would walk away or nod to a guy down the street who walked over.

A different guy for each substance it seemed.

I was a bit taken back at how many open sales went on around here. A handshake transaction.

I didn’t see any policie which again was a bit odd as we were only a couple blocks from one of the destination landmarks of the city.

Now it was dark and time to get away from this scene, I recalled seeing an English pub the other night when searching maps for things to do.

Maybe they’d have a game on or some cool people.

It seemed closed, but I walked in down a long alley anyway.

I mean there was a sign and an arrow out front, that’s how you know a place is open eh?

There was one guy inside setting up for karaoke later.

He came over and we talked for a bit as he poured my beer.

Turns out he was Dutchman whose girlfriend lived in the city.

“Just you wait, it’s going to get crazy here soon.” he said with a laugh and a wink.

I looked around, it was just me in there, football on TV.

He was correct, of course, as later a group of about 15 wandered in.

The bartender had to start things off before the others would get up. He even sang from the bar via wireless mic.

He had a good voice, with lots of intonation and verve. Made me wonder if he sang professionally.

More people showed up and the volume grew.

Some people just should not sing live, they were off-key, off rhythm, off lyrics! So bad to hear so funny to watch, that’s karaoke summed up.

Quite fascinating watching several sing a popular song not in English I’d never heard. Very cool indeed.

The opening of Queen’s hit filled the room. Oh no, not this! Do not ruin this song, too!

They didn’t really ruin it, turned out fine, but man, that is a long ass song to be up in front of people with lots of solos and instrumental breaks.

Plus there is only 1 Freddie Mercury who could sing such a song properly.

Don’t do it people, don’t sing Bohemian Rhapsody during karaoke.

I picked up one more beer from the corner store, which I drank on the smoker’s lounge.

It began to rain, a perfect end to a good day in Praha.

Beer: Briznak

Song: Queen  Bohemian Rhapsody



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