Dream trip Day 74 Lennon Wall, Charles Bridge, Klášterní pivovar Strahov brewery

Once again woken up with rain and checked out of my hostel.

I’d walked by another hostel on a road near the river, on the west side and felt like it would be good to change-up my routine.

I wanted to see as much of the city as possible and the best way to do that is to stay in different areas.

While checking into my new hostel, I asked about washing clothes. This one didn’t have machines, but I was told there were cleaners all over the city that would wash clothes same day for a couple bucks.

Prague didn’t have washaterias it seemed.

I packed up my clothes and slogged in the rain to a place I’d describe as a dry cleaners for dress shirts, slacks, nice clothes.

The lady didn’t speak English, but I was prepared, “Pradlo prosim.” I hopefully said correctly, laundry please.

Her face did not change, she just pointed to the clock and held up a finger, so come back at 1 o’clock to pick them up as she handed me a receipt.

Back to my hostel for more sleep, research and staying out of the pouring rain.

Bone church close by eh, well that’s rather interesting.

It had stopped raining by the time I picked up my neatly folded clothes. I paid and said, “Dekuji,” with a wave. She responded with “Prosim,” which I learned could mean please or thank you depending on context.

The walking tour guide told me I had to see the Charles Bridge, which lead to the largest castle in Europe. He also said that on that side of town there was a wall dedicated to John Lennon as well as an old monk brewery with a great view of the city.

The Charles Bridge is indeed quite a sight and very old, built around the 13th century.

It is now quite crowded and inundated with tourist snapping pics of the river, city or statues that line both sides of the bridge that it is hard to walk across.

There are also vendors selling you various paintings and things that help clog up the route.

I do feel it is a nice place to see if ever you’re in Prague, but for me, walking across once was enough.

The west side of town was very cool, old like the city centre.

I made a couple turns and there was Lennon’s mug on a brightly colored wall.


While taking pics a group on Segways rolled up and the tour guide advised her group, “This is Lennon Wall, it is most hipster place in the city. Is great for Instagram, tell friends you were here to be cool. It is a ridiculous wall.”

My tour guide told a much better story about how after Lennon died, his face appeared on the wall as well as poems and grievances against the government.

At this time, Prague was under communist rule so they painted over only for Lennon to appear in the morning. They couldn’t catch whoever was doing it so like with anything government related, they eventually gave up paining over the images.

I soon located the long and winding road up the to Klášterní pivovar Strahov, the 17th century Abby that had been restored.

It was a long walk up a winding hill to the brewery, a path which cut through a garden, vineyard.

The view was spectacular and completely worth the effort.


The brewery has a restaurant with unobstructed views of the city, but alas, all tables near the edge of the hill were full this day, not to mention that would be pretty selfish of me to take a big table for just one person. Share the views y’all!

I found a smaller table with still a very wonderful view and ordered a monk beer. It was delicious of course.

The story I heard about monks brewing beer is they needed something to do besides pray and worship, so some took up brewing beer. Thing was they really liked to drink beer and became drunkards so abbots would make decrees limiting the number of beers per day monks could drink.

Monks have time and knowledge thus began to brew higher and higher ABV, or alcohol % beers.

All the abbey ales or Belgium quads I’ve seen are at least 11% so yeah, drink 2 of those, you’re feeling good haha.


I lingered slowly drinking my beer as my travel companion, rain, was looming over the city.

My views alternated from the gorgeous city below to a very young chef, maybe 18, cooking rather complex dishes given his small set up.

He literally had a grill for burgers and chickens, a fryer that would cook 1 order of fries at a time, and a small range for boiling water and pans.

There was only enough room for him and it was so packed he would flip a chicken breast, turn around drop some pasta into boiling water, then back around again to pull some fries.

This place was rather slow so I had a couple different waitresses stop to ask if I wanted food, but it was too expensive.

Not a good idea to pay the same price for dinner as a room, which is a real possibility in Prague.

I began my decent down, through a neighborhood down a main road.

Seemed like every place was built with white stone, quite lovely.

I used a different, less crowded bridge to get back to the city.

As I walked across, I spied yellow penguins. I didn’t think much of it at the time so I didn’t take a pic, but a recent search of things to do and see in Prague is to locate these yellow penguins.

I walked along the river awhile until I was back at the metronome.

Some people on the walking tour told me the night view from the metronome was great and they had very cheap beer, too.

Tonight was a local band playing popular EU music and traditional Czech tunes on acoustic instruments. There was no stage, they just played on the ground with people walking in front of them.

I got a 1$ beer from a guy who set up a keg near the band.

All seats were taken so I had to sit on the concrete near some stairs.

For sure one of my favorite things to look back on was listening to this band, wish I caught their name, as the sun slowly went down and darkness enveloped the city below.

I tried to photograph my view, but only using a camera phone couldn’t do it justice.

If you can look over your city at night I couldn’t recommend it more.

I spent a couple of hours up there, before calling it an early night.

I had an early morning trip set to Kunta Hora.


Song: Queens of the Stone Age   My God is the Sun

Beer: Sv. Norbert IPA





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