Dream trip Days 82 & 83 Raining in my heart

Damnation rain, why do I encounter you again? Hard rain, too, not the kind for strolling round the city.

At least I had access to a washer/dryer so I was able to wash literally everything I had in my bag.


After washing clothes, then my body in the shower, I hit the still wet streets in search of coffee.

I quickly located a tea room with fancy cookies scones and cakes just as the rain fell hard once again.

For sure this was the fanciest cup of coffee I had on the trip. I mean the actual cup itself, very ornately decorated, gold inlay, that sort of thing.

The coffee itself wasn’t anything special, but I did enjoy a nice scone with my coffee.

No dunking of scones occurred on this visit nor any other coffee/scone snack experience because coffee isn’t for dunking.

I’d noticed pics of WWII from Poland’s perspective in a square across the street so I walked over to check it out.

Very sobering and informative installation. There were pics of destroyed buildings, people crowded in camps, and other images of life during wartime. And it all happened where I was staying, in Krakow!

Each image was presented with text written in several languages, including English.

Such horrors people dealt to others and for what? Why? War is dumb. Its mainly always been about resources. This country has spice that one has chocolate the other one has better weather.

The clouds erupted in thunder, so my time outdoors was limited.

I crossed the busy street and into the grocery store. Figured I may as well pick up some more beers, especially if I was going to be shut in due to rain.

A light drizzle greeted me the whole walk back to my apartment.

I waved at the night clerk as I hit the elevator button.

I boiled some water and threw 1 of the gołąbki in it for a few minutes. Appetizer!

It was very good! Minced beef with rice and spices wrapped tight in cabbage. A Polish tamale I laughed to myself as I ate.

Pasta is always an easy go to on the road. Just get some pasta, sauce, maybe some sausage and for sure fresh cheese. 15 minutes and you have a delicious meal!

The rain pelted the windows as I ate.

I wound up having a few beers and watching videos late into the evening.

The next morning brought more rain so I dived further into the recesses of YouTube’s videos about WWII as well as deep ocean exploration.

Baffling to me that we know more about other planets than we do about what is in our planet’s oceans!

After a bit of calculation I Skyped my brother in St Louis once I knew what time it was there.

It was very cool to be there with him as he drove to church. We chatted about the places I saw as well as my frequent dilemma of visiting a real concentration camp.

Chillingly it seemed that there was a camp close by wherever I went. I elected not to go, I know it really happened.

The rain never let up so I wrote the days off as an occasion to save zloty aka €!

I will see more of you tomorrow Krakow!

Beer: Wojack

Song: Ballady I Romanse   Przyszlam Do Miasta


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