Dream trip Day 85 Parklife, hostel issues, dinner with friends

I woke up and stripped my sheets, placing them into the washer. I wanted to make things as easy as possible for my friends’ return.

Since my trip, I have used a couple washer/dryer machines as they are very prevalent overseas and they scare me. Water and electricity don’t mix! I am concerned water will leak in while drying or not fully drain and fry me.

If I recall correctly, you can actually just set it and forget it for a couple hours, returning to washed and dried clothes.

I also wiped the counters down as well as running a broom around the place, just to make sure I got any crumbs.

Years earlier on a family trip to Colorado, before we left, my family picked up and straightened things at a cabin lent to us by a work friend. At the time I was all bent out of shape helping, presuming that since we paid $, why wouldn’t that also include cleaning?

Now as I am older, I get it because most of the people on this planet have that same mindset so in order to set yourself apart as well as show gratitude, you clean.

Always take a few moments to make things better than how you found them. If only more people had that attitude, oh what a better, at least cleaner world it would be!

Hey, I was a dumb kid who disliked cleaning his room. Only now do I realize the benefit of the trait I call ultimate laziness: if you put things where they go the 1st time, you don’t have to deal with them again!

Leaving clothes and dishes out you’ve got to touch and do stuff with them multiple times so just put them away from the beginning!

I enjoyed another bowl of cereal after my chores, which I must confess to actually enjoying having not really had to clean up in a long time.

Its the strangest things I missed like household chores, cooking, whilst on my trip.

On my way out, I got lost looking for the recycling bin, which I was told it was in the basement, but it wasn’t readily apparent which of the many doors to open once I arrived to the basement.

Fortunately a lady appeared and I was able to hold up the bag of recycling and she laughed and opened a door while saying something in Polish.

Saying thank you in Czech and Polish is close enough or perhaps I butcher them enough so that people understand so I said thank you in Pol-Czech with a wave.

I decided to check out the park again whilst I killed time waiting for the 3 o’clock check in at my new hostel.

Once I finished ascending the stairs, things looked different and felt different, too.

There were tents set up inside the park so I sauntered over to see what was going on.

It looked like a normal event as they there were food trucks set up selling food and beverages as well as tents selling handmade goods.

I got a coffee and sat down to watch families pass by or stop to get food, all of which was vegan or vegetarian.

Many families sat on the grass to watch musicians and dancers perform, sitting on large blankets.

My gaze was drawn to a drum circle that took place on the asphalt parking lot next to the tents and benches.

I’d encounter the same group in Brussels. They weren’t Krishnas, no long rat tails with shaved heads, but they did have a repetitive chant like those guys except it was an actual song with many words, not just saying ‘Hare Krishna’ ad nauseam.

They had drums and guitars, everyone sang and some danced. A very fine brunette joined in on the gyrations and caught my eye so I watched the group until they finished their song.

I shall try to describe the dance moves because it seems like a dance battle. Each one places an arm, leg where the other’s appendage once was, but they try not to touch in basically the same time as the music . It’s awkward to say the least but they really are into this dance.

After the dances finished, I faintly heard music so I followed the sounds. I soon encountered a line of people as well as metal barricades set up.

Not knowing what was up, I was soon stopped by a guard who yelled in Polish, then English,

“Ticket? No, entry” while he pointed to the line of people.

One of guys in the queue volunteered that there was a concert that night and they were waiting to get in to the heart of the park where they had set up a stage.

I circled back to the park entrance to see lots of people leaving the tram, all headed towards the park. I’m not sure how I missed such a huge concert so close to where I was staying, it would have been cool to check it out.

Noting the time, I popped back in to the apartment for one final idiot check for missing items as well as ensuring the sheets where dry.

All set, I strapped my backpacks on and headed to city centre, to the Rock n Roll Hostel.

I walked along a path that was across the street from the Wawel Castle, on a street I decided to nickname tourist avenue as this was the place where I saw groups of all sized with matching shirts announcing they were on a family trip or bachelor party.

This is such a monumentally bad idea, to broadcast to everyone that you have no idea where you are at, how to find where you are going and that you likely had a lot of €.

I also encountered more children playing instruments, dancing, or just crying for sweet, sweet money.

I was soon at my hostel where I rang the bell and went up some stairs to the reception desk, usually staffed by either a very pretty lady or skinny dude with long hair and a long beard.

Today I was greeted by several pretty ladies who gave me the bad news, they were booked for the weekend. Damn.

Totally my fault, I should’ve sucked it up and paid the booking fee.

Close by was another hostel and they greeted me warmly with a bed for a few days. I was staying basically in old town Krakow, close to lots of activities.

Just after I settled in, my friend texted me asking if I wanted to join them for dinner and of course I was in.

I worked with my friend Lauren for a couple years, but I hadn’t seen her in over a year so I wanted to hear about her trips as much as she wanted to hear about mine.

We had a nice home cooked meal, something all of us had missed out on whilst we were traveling.

They had just returned from Paris, exploring the sites, foods and one of the Disney parks. I can’t keep up on what make one a Land vs. a World. There is one near Paris tho.

If you lived in Europe, traveling is so much more fun, cheap and quick, too!

Even in Krakow, fairly eastern Europe, they were only a couple hours flight from many countries, cities of interest.

They frequently took off on weekend jaunts monthly to very cool places.

We filled each other in on our many trips and adventures until it was their kid’s bedtime.

Plans were made for lunch the next day and I hit the streets in search of beer, piwo.

My search was brief, I mean, any place named House of Beer is a no brainer.

I stayed upstairs as this was my first visit and I immediately knew I’d be back to explore their basement bar.

Whilst sitting at the bar, they played music softly and I soon found myself nodding along to a song when suddenly the bass hit. Ah ha I’d heard this one a lot of my trip.

Acting quickly I pulled out my phone and finally knew who sang this haunting tune: Tove Lo.

I sipped my pint and let the music take me away. Twas yet another great day on the road, in Krakow.

Beer: Space Sheep

Song: Tove Lo  Habits (Stay High) Hippie Sabotoge Remix


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