Dream trip Day 86 Zapiekanka, rain, more piwo

Hello rain my old friend, it’s good to see you once again…not!

This type of rain was ok, brief sprinkle of rain, dark, cloudy overcast day with intermittent sprinkles.

As my hostel was in a heavy tourist area, there were many shops and eating places very close by.

I selected a pastry spot a couple of doors down, seemed the best place to get some coffee.

Croissant and coffee to start the day the European way. It was the way I did most mornings in Europe anyway.

After a nice cup and bread I sauntered down tourist street. Kids played accordion, guitar, even a guy wearing a horse mask played keyboards.

A sign prominently placed indicated tips were to buy his lady an engagement ring. He was good, too.

Back towards my old neighborhood, as it were, the part of town I’d spent the past week in.

We took the tram over to the east side of town, in search of a yoga studio my friend wanted to start going to.

What is hard is to remember the name of the stop especially in another language, cause you’re fairly certain how to pronounce it but you are wrong when you hear it pronounced correctly.

No muck ups this go round, we got out at the correct stop. A few turns and we were in an area that a yoga studio should be in.

A bust on the studio, seems it is closed but she wanted to check out a session, ask some questions.

We made our way around the area for a bit, stopping here and there, going into stores.

Lunch was at a food stalls. A bunch of small businesses shared a small area selling hot dogs, sausages, fries and huge long, open face sandwiches.

We had big, delicious sandwiches called zapiekanka which summoned kids to our table asking for zloty the whole time we ate.

These sandwiches were flaky bread (closer to a cracker or toast), a meat and melty cheese. Seems they place these under a broiler to finish them off. So good.

My friend wound up giving half her sandwich to a kid. You got 1 whole sandwich but served open face, so 2 bits of toast.

Soon after she had a meeting to get to so I was on my own again.

I just sat down near a busy street and watched walkers pass by. I saw dads hoisting kids onto their shoulders. Held them aloft so they could walk on the air. Ladies pushing strollers, causally smoking long cigarettes.

Looping around to the east side, I encountered the ornate gate that was once one of the few ways into the city. I’m always amazed that a lot of places I visited were actually forts.

Completely walled, few entrances, moat, lookout points. Maybe a trebuchet was in use at one point in this place’s past.

The battles that took place, here, the arrows, cannonballs flying around, swords. Yes perhaps sword battles!

I once again hit up House of Beer. This time I went straight to their basement. This was a 2 story experience as each bar had its own, unique beer selection.

I took the final seat at the bar and ordered a pint.

Tonight the staff was on display. Several afternoon gals drank and smoked incessantly while chatting up the bartender as well another waiter guy.

Something had happened, someone had messed up it seemed due to the rising volume of the ladies’ voices. My takeaway though I do not speak Polish.

The waiter guy would come in and their voices would get louder than when he left the lowered to hushed tones. The guy had done something to get them talking. It was fun trying to figure it out.

Aside from the ladies, there was a TV with futbol on, but due to being several feet underground, no wifi.

Closing time was soon upon us, yet I still didn’t know what our boy, the waiter, had done. If only I’d spoke Polish!

A short walk away was both my hostel as well as the green path. For some reason I chose to sit for a moment in the dark path.

I don’t know what I was looking for, but I found the standard riff raff. A couple bums were arguing, another was snoring on a nearby bench.

So little separates us from these people, the homeless, the mostly ignored.

I sauntered down the alley to my hostel,

Beer: Pale Blue Dot

Song: the xx  Intro





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