Dream trip Day 90 Mo rain, Indian food, Irish pub

Only 1 of my friends had been to Warsaw and when I asked for a food recommendation, it was Indian. Curry it up brother.

It was just as well, as rain was again forecasted. I needed an indoor option anyway.

The route did have a green path through a lovely green park plus I passed a Polish war memorial.


All too soon it began to sprinkle, thunder. Due to construction, I had to take a circuitous route to cross the street but I had made it just as it really started to rain.

I was at Bombaj Masala and it wasn’t too crowded, to my delight. Table for 1. Bring   some naan!

I sat at my table and watched heavy rain pelt cars as they sat at a light, waiting for it to change.

Overall a good, hot meal on a cool rainy day. I had to linger a bit with a cup of tea to fully wait the rain out.

I was in the downtown business district, full of tall buildings, car rental companies, not a lot of fun or very scenic.

At least I had the park and memorial to check out on my way back. I took a bit longer to fully take in the freshly watered trees and foliage

I suddenly had a strange urge to walk along the river, it was the Vistula here, too, as it’s the longest river in Poland.

I walked a bit past the restaurant area where I see a bridge off to the left a ways, so I figure that should lead to the river as that, too, was visible in the distance.

I walked about a half mile to the end of the bridge occasionally seeing stairs leading below to neighborhoods, but no river.

The strange thing is there was an entertainment area with a diner, bar and grocery store, but there wasn’t stairs near here.

Sometimes I would pass by a person walking the other direction and would have a small moment of panic that I was walking the wrong way on the bridge, or maybe I needed to be on the other side?   This time I should have known better and off to jail I’d go.

I was soon out of bridge so I took the next set of stairs down. There wasn’t any lights on my path down, which made it scary for many reasons.

There was another major road with concrete barriers blocking my way. I didn’t see any sort of crossing path. I was trapped.

All that walking and no river to show for it. I did see a large part of the city, the neighborhoods so it wasn’t really a total waste of a trip.

I knew to wait for the little green man when crossing the street to old town. I passed by the Chopin church too. I’d walked past it several times already and not known.

Tonight I would check out an Irish pub only a couple blocks from the hostel.

Live music tonight too, full band rocking out some sweet, sweet CCR, Creedence Clearwater Revival tunes amongst other 70’s rock gems!

A rowdy bunch out tonight, mostly older couples. They were singing along at top volume as well as dancing.

This one couple especially was getting down, he spun her all over that small dance area. He wasn’t a fit bloke either, had that old man beer belly that was more pronounced as he tucked his shirt tightly into his pants.

There was no room at the bar so I would come in for a new pint, then sit outside near a window and listen to the band. The smokers provided some outdoor entertainment.

Soon the band ended and last call was made.

I sauntered back to my hostel, stopping to admire the moon. Don’t forget to look up at night, always a good view.

Beer: Belfast stout

Song:  Chopin  Nocturne C sharp minor






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