Vote with your $

I wanted to take a moment to share with you something that I feel is important to mention. If nothing else, think about it and perhaps you’ll get your own takeaways. Usually round election time, everyone talks about voting and doing their civic duty, but only when there is a major election. What I realized is that everyone, everyday votes, no registration needed, felons, too. We vote with our money. Essentially, where + what you spend your cash is your way of saying, ‘I want this place to exist.’ The rational behind this is people frequent the same place, it stays in business and perhaps expands, grows. The opposite is true, no one shops a store it closes its doors. What I can’t tell you where you should spend your $, that is only for you to decide. I did want you to start thinking and be a bit more aware when you go to a restaurant, get bad service, or visit a shop and have a bad experience, stop going there. Sure, it may stay in business but you aren’t helping it right?

I think this thought process is most important on a local level. I’ve started trying local restaurants, you know those places you may pass daily and think, ‘I wonder what if that place is good?’ I aim to find out! It’s fun to find a new spot and tell a friend so you both can enjoy it, a bit of a secret. Doing this also supports many people’s dreams. There is a fan store by my apartment & all they sell are personal fans, seriously, of any age and size. Sure going to a big store you might save a few bucks, but in this store, you can talk to the owner and he can tell you about every fan. Same deal with my record store, the guy behind the counter tells me an amazing story about seeing or meeting a band whose record I’m buying. I think that’s pretty cool so I keep going back. Get out and explore you neighborhood and see what hidden gems are out there…


July 4th

Let’s see best 4th o’ July memories. I have a couple I’ll share with you. Growing up in Austin I recall trips downtown for fireworks. Stake out a spot by the Congress Bridge and we’d watch the bats n fireworks. When we moved to California, we went to the beach, either Oceanside or Vista. A lone man played trumpet while rockets red glare shown down upon us and gave proof through the night that cool people also came from California. He played Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, Amazing Grace, all the classic hits, all night. I felt so proud to live in this country and in this new state of California. It was also in that moment that I knew I had to get more involved in music. Music is life.

Jason’s fav TV programs

1)    The Wire- this needs to be watch by every person once they get out of high school. So real, I cried.  Yes I did, because no one wants to change and yet this series makes the best argument that it’s long overdue to try things a different way…

2)      Monty Python’s Flying Circus- (no comments needed, its completely + utterly brilliant)

3)      Deadwood- best character ever= Al Swearengen, he was vulgar, crass, & degenerate human being, but always has the best lines and real advice.

4)      Dexter- bout time the lines between good and bad were blurred to this degree. good cinematography and writing

5)      Band of Brothers- I watch this every year and every year I am thankful.

6)      Wonder Years- Every boy has a Winnie Cooper type crush growing up and it doesn’t work out, which is always a good lesson to learn young.

7)      X-Files- I’ve seen every single episode. yes I did go in order but it didn’t help. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the truth, which is probably the point: the quest teaches you more than the answers you seek

8)      Futurama- best cartoon ever and its way more clever than any live action show.

9)      Chappelle’s Show- too funny and amazing to find out Eddie Murphy’s brother is funnier than he is. Charlie Murphy!

10)   Arrested Development- wow how did this show make it onto network TV? Oh don’t worry, they canceled it after 3 seasons… yet American Idol is still on the air + popular as ever.


I was sitting at my cube, hard at work, when I hear Jay say, ‘There’s a tornado on Harry Hines (close street to my work)?!’ Having lived in KS, I’m well aware of the standard tornado drill protocol. Completely disregarded all those instructions (school desks can hold up a roof! That’s a fact and why you should hide under one during a tornado) We all sprang to the nearest window to see the spectacle. It was truly amazing and dagnabit, I didn’t photo or video anything. Dark, foreboding clouds circled just outside the building. These clouds were racing across the sky in a large, circular pattern. Had this storm developed, well a good part of uptown Dallas wouldn’t be there. I don’t think there was too much damage, we got lucky.

I never experienced a tornado whilst in KS, but I did living in a small town called Joshua TX when I was in middle school. The power went first, so the fam was huddled together with candles. The wind and rain fell down almost comically hard, maybe hail was in the mix. Suddenly everything stopped and it became very quiet and eerily calm. That’s when you really should be concerned because it means you are inside the funnel, the center. a tornado had touched down and followed the one major road in town (plus the lone stoplight + Dairy Queen). This road was maybe a mile from my house, if that. That was definitely one of the most intense movements of my life. Let’s not kid ourselves; we are not in control, we are at the mercy of weather.

Opening Day thoughts

Baseball is the US equivalent of cricket in the UK (their season is ending now) and perhaps futbol (soccer) all over the world. I freely admit, watching baseball on TV can be as fun as watching grass grow or paint dry sometimes. when you are in the stadium though, the smell of grass, food cooking, the announcer’s cadence, the organ songs and the crack of the bat, I tell you that is something special to me. The Rangers actually have a great park even compared to the others in the US. I took a now legendary baseball stadium tour right after I finished college visiting 5 stadiums in 5 days, the crown being Wrigley Field. now that is a stadium and they sure don’t make them like that anymore, mainly because businessmen can’t watch a game unless they are in an A/C catered plush box, high above the common folk. I’ve been in one of those boxes, no one watches the actual game, they look at the replay on TVs or just talk shop, oblivious to the game. That is pointless; just stay at home if you are going to watch it on TV. Give me the cheap seats, the ones where one older fella is keeping score of the game on paper. The seats where there’s a couple guys listening the radio broadcast on headphones. The seats where you will get beer spilled on you, possibly deliberately if you are acting up or hit by a foul ball.  Most importantly, seat me in the section where there are kids wearing their favorite player’s jersey and are screaming their heads off cheering for their team. Play Ball!

Slurpee Declaration of Unity

When in the course of human events, circumstances transpire in which people of divergent backgrounds, persuasions, political ideologies and demagogues alike must unite in the face of discord and strife, for no other reason than it is merely, nay, it is certainly the proper course of action. Let us then, as a nation of individuals, indivisible, a mighty bulwark, stalwart in our protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of the beverage of our choice, be it frozen or hot, unite and embrace, marching ever onwards and upwards, until such a time that we shall reach the summit of flavor and taste satisfaction that can only answer to one name, Slurpee, and I proclaim now, and forever, in front of God and country, from the highest mountaintops to the lowest shores of this mighty and expansive land, give your time, your blood, your sweat, tears and cups, laden to the brim of Slurpees; a noble cause that is the unification of tastes and solidarity in thirst fulfillment. Lo, I extend my hand, an olive branch of flavor, towards our foes full of the confidence in our actions that will lead us all to the promised land of Slurpee satisfaction as we raise our heavenly glasses to the ceiling, toasting each other in spirits and in songs of freedom. While our cups may grow cold, our fingers + brain may freeze as we sample the nectar of the gods together in brotherhood, divided no more by petty, insignificant disagreements. Show me Slurpee and I’ll show you unity

All I really needed to know, I learned in kindergarten

Oh might as well hip you to what I do to obtain new music + books, just go to the library. Most will have an online catalog that you can search so get that going and type in your favorite artist or book. Most should be connected and they’ll ship what you want to your library of choice. Be smart, use some of that local tax $ you are paying and get some knowledge.

Anywho, I finally read a book I’d call required reading, All I Really needed to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum. I’d heard about this awhile back. but just now got around to reading it. It’s a novel idea. but one that makes total sense. Best of all, it is a fairly short read; the chapters are no more than 3 pages. Bottom line, you could read this in a week, no prob. Why do I like it and what did I learn? It reduces things to the most basic level because it’s the details that create problems and strife in our lives if that’s all we focus on. Here are some sage bits of advice:

Play fair.

Don’t hit people.

Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.

Share everything.

Don’t take things that aren’t yours.

Put things back where you found them.

Clean up your own mess.

See basic info that can easily be translated to your daily lives. Check out this book and get some much needed perspective on life and your current situation. Keep it simple.