Dream trip Day 16 Goodbye Zurich, rain, Strasbourg France

Everyone wakes up to the sound of the loudest cell alarm I’ve ever heard.

Guy next bunk over is in restroom so alarm is pointless for him. Another guy finds phone and silences it. 

I note it’s only 8 and roll over, more rest, everyone does the same.

Sleep for an hour. Listen to others shower, pack loudly, and start the day.

I get a big return on key, everywhere makes you pay a deposit on key.

I use part of deposit on cup of coffee while I stare at map to determine my route to bus station that cuts through old Zürich and river.

It’s a straight walk down a strausse near, the route I took yesterday looks even more dumb.

Walk down Lagerstrasse, not a beer joint on it as far as I can tell.

Cross a nice bridge and I’m in old town, built around 1400s.

Now mostly hotels, restaurants and tourist stores. All Swiss store is first thing I note.

Oh there’s a McDonald’s and Subway, still haven’t figured out why anyone eats there when literally next door is a bakery with better, fresh sandwiches.

It’s not 5$ foot longs, now it’s 10€ halfs haha wow!

Walk down narrow, stone streets, big enough for 1 small car, though most streets are people only, not even bikers can ride through.

Stop for sandwich at äss bar, prob means something else here.

Use last of my francs and still have to kick in a euro for egg asswitch.

Rest and eat sammitch in small park while I watch vendors set up by unpacking chairs, tables while others unload small vans with food and other goods.

Walk towards bus stop and encounter US fam, grandma is pushed by teen who gives up as granny doesn’t want to be pushed across street. As soon as her feet hit the sidewalk she is back in her chair demanding a push.

Pass an art museum next to the river, which explains all the small statues along the riverbank and in river nearby.

My bus is here and waiting so I just walk on board, not crowded, so I get window seat with no neighbor.

No Alps that I can see, just more green fields, clock towers and trees.

Begins to rain, I wonder if will keep it up while I’m in town.

I fall asleep for a while and wake up to clear skies and a stop in a small border town.

From the people I see this is a uni town, lots of young adults all around.

We are soon in Strasbourg and are dropped by tourist info center.

I walk by the river and see many people resting so I lie down and watch people pass by.

Decide I need a coffee and charge my phone, the bus has outlets at each seat but mine did not charge and most other seats taken.

Locate place named I Love Coffee, figure English is spoken, which is wrong.

Struggle to get coffee with milk and end up with cappuccino.

Locate seat near outlet and enjoy group of teen girls, volleyball or soccer team, try to order complicated Starbucks like drinks.

Book bus and hostel for next night in Lyon so all good now.

Walk along river taking pics of forts and ped only bridges.


Town is very gothic and a lil French in places, a bit German in others.

See couple rowers in the river, and note how dark the clouds are now and powerful wind, will rain hard soon.

Now full strength winds blow twigs and nuts from trees which pelt me all over.

I search for a close bar, anything with cover that will let me stay awhile.

10 min speed walk and I’m near horse betting bar when it starts pouring rain.

Figure need to stay awhile and wait out rain so order a beer.

Many are staring at horse with carriage race about to start on huge TV.

I watch but do not understand why people love and bet $ on this activity.

Rain has taken away signal so cannot get directions to apt, have to use map and find street names but have address.

Another beer, have to stay dry and all.

Walk in drizzling rain awhile, which stops as I near apt in very residential area.

Call host and I’m a couple blocks off. Very secure check in, coded elevator and locked doors to get in.

He takes me in and makes coffee so I dry out a bit.

I set clothes to dry all over room, it rains hard again against bedroom window.

Host leaves to workout and gives me info so I can get back in.

Haven’t eaten most of the day so I go wander in search of food but this is very residential area, few food options.

It’s late too so most places are closed anyway, but find open doner spot.

Get full sandwich and frites with mayo, can of peach soda.

Cook turns TV from crazy Turkish spy movie to a soccer match.

Again great meal, but on pita like bread, not rolled, many veg.

Everyone that enters say ‘Bonsoire’ and then look at me if I do not say it back. It then hits me, French are default nice but are confused as being mean.

Sort of like, ‘ be nice back to me!’ They take it as being rude if your aren’t nice in return.

I return to apt as it begins to sprinkle and sun is down.

Shower and soon it’s 11, very tired, long semi stressful day so its an early night.

Beer: La Grihète
Song: Black Mountain   Mary Lou


Dream trip Day 15   Ferry, bus to Zürich Switzerland

My bus leaves at 1 so plenty of time to have a leisurely morning.

Check out and hit post machine with correct change.

Lick, stamp cards and into the box they go. A nice walk to train, bus station. Sunny for a change.

Get a donner to fill me up all day, good and cheap 4€.

Find the bus depot, well what do you know, bus has been delayed.

Hit the restroom with over zealous woman who stalks the men’s room, mopping, wiping down toilets after each use, she holds her hand up and won’t allow anyone into a stall until it’s been wiped down a bit.

Delayed 45 min, so just walk the length of bus depot, back and forth listening to tunes.

People crush to the door upon arrival, drivers close door and talk for 10 min, hope about bus stuff but prob only friendly interaction they get all day.

Sparse bus so I get my own seat. Sleep overtakes me soon after we pull out of Munich.

Wake up and again, green and lush landscape flies by.

Each small town on the route has a clock tower in the center and houses, roads spread out around it.

Pass a brewery, large silos and hop fields near.

Lots of walking and biking trails connecting each town, see a guy roller blading in the middle of field on paved trail.

We see water now, so blue, we descend down winding roads closer and closer.

Pull up to a dock, what is this? We are allowed to leave the bus while we cross the channel on a ferry!

I venture out to the front of ship, many stay in their cars, why?! Free view and breeze, plus a chance to walk are too good to pass.

Walk all around the ship, light breeze cools my face, blue waters surrounds us.

Another hour and we are in Zürich.

Very French and Dutch style houses on mountains overlooking the city with sun blazing as I exit bus.


Busy streets, trolley connected to wires zoom by in the middle of most roads.

Find my hostel and up 4 flights to top of the NZ Cafe.

Most prison like bunks ever, just barely fit when laying down, can feel cold steel on one side, no room to sit up in bed and I hit my head when attempting to put shoes on.

No AC so open windows which just makes things loud due to traffic below.

I’m in entertainment district so lots of scantily clad ladies and want to be ladies are on most corners looking for dates.

I walk in search of the river, I take the longest, least direct route but see many great buildings and people.

Bikers are everywhere and many smoke, or blast music from their phones as they ride.

I find the river and follow along for a while til I find a park, lots of people, couples loungin’ in the grass, cuddling or drinking.


Head back to the area around hostel in search of food. See many donner spots but now it costs 9-10€.

Figure cheaper option is Chinese, been craving rice. Kung pao chicken it is for dinner.

Hard lesson, but I get a beer, 6€. No more beer with meals, save them € buy beer at store.

Two youths ask to join me, both speak German and I reply bitte, while extending my hand like others did when I needed a seat.

They share a similar meal, makes me realize I eat for two as they are thin thin.

Head back to hostel but still light, turn down a road and hear loud music and laughing.

I found a huge park, kids playing, couples snuggling, families eating, sketchy guys drinking or sleeping on benches.

Stay and watch awhile, sun still up.

Decide I’m close enough to find my way back and figure city opens up soon if I head west for a good dusk pic.

Sadly the city goes on and on, night falls after several blocks, been walking for 5 hrs at this point, time to return.

Stumble on some sort of park party with people drinking listening to loud music, I stand a moment and soon see its kids around high school age so I move on.

Find my way back and the street is popping, people all over walking or sitting in patio areas with bevs, especially ladies.

I walk back and forth to where street ends taking the sights and sounds in.

I head back upstairs to change and get a free beer owed me at the bar.

Beers good, only 4 people in the whole night at bar, I decide to try all beers on tap, 5€ each, they are Bier Paul.

Overhear English, table of girls are talking about guys they meet and dumb things they say and do. Bad dates and poor booty calls, I laugh to myself too.

Some bum literally staggers in and yet is served.

He turns to me and asks if I want to see his box and smoke a joint.

The bartender has enough talk about his box after about 20 minutes and asks him to leave, turns on bar go home lights.

She wants to close early since no one is drinking, but once bum leaves she pours me another and says I can drink while she cleans since I seem cool.

She is Canadian but grew up in a Zürich, she knows 4 languages, most people here do.

German and French are main languages but real Swiss speak in regional dialect in west.

I finish up after we talk more about Zürich and her schooling.

Luckily only 5 people in 12 bed room, but always a snorer, wonder how bad I snore?

I fall asleep to sounds of honking cars and people yelling.

Beer: Beir Paul 10
Song:  Imperial Tiger Orchestra  Lale Lale