Baseball Stadium trip Game 1- Brewers Stadium

My friend and I talked a lot about baseball, especially Wrigley Field where the Cubs played in Chicago. When we were growing up, WGN TV station seemed to be included on every cable package in the US. I caught Cubs games in TX, CA and KS over the years. The oldest stadium in the league, countless hall of fame players walked the grass, the crawling ivy in the outfield, all iconic. I was living in TX at the time, and was freshly off my first layoff. I had time and a little bit of money for a road trip. We had only planned on going to Wrigley Field so that is all we had bought tickets for. It was three of us: Jeremy, Matt and me hitting the baseball stadium road.

We were at my house in Denton, TX talking, having a bev with a friend on a nearby computer. We were planning on leaving in the morning, hanging in Chicago a few days, or maybe we could stay in KC or St Louis along the way.

Suddenly my friend said, ‘Milwaukee plays tomorrow night at 7, I bet if we left now, we could make that game.

It was the day before, maybe 10 at night. We all looked at each other, why not? We quickly packed and hopped in my friend’s car and we were heading to Milwaukee!

We all took turns driving but my friend Jeremy drove most of the night. I took over in the morning but I was soon deemed to be a slow driver and relived after a couple hours. Slow in this case meant I only drove 70s, or the speed limit. My travel partners all set the cruise about 80-90+ and we flew down the highways, passing cars. We never get a ticket on this trip and I had hell of a time in the back, sometimes riding shotgun. I also became navigator, checking maps and telling them which highways to take.

We arrived in Milwaukee perfectly to enter the stadium just before game time. It was dusk as we walked to the stadium, the sun was on the horizon, would have been a great outdoor game but this was a dome stadium. We found the ticket counter and spoke our first manta,

‘3 of the cheapest tickets you have please, we asked.

brewers - Edited.jpg


I feel that most games on this trip were in the $10 range, very reasonable. We also learned on this trip that you don’t really have to sit in your seat, games are rarely sold out. So long as you get into the stadium and act like you belong, just look for a fairly empty section or row and post up. You will likely not be disturbed and if you are, feign out of town ignorance!

This was my first encounter with an electronic ticketing system where tickets are scanned as you entered and waited for that most important BEEP that meant you were legal. I really liked this stadium; it was new and modern. It was the first stadium with a retractable roof I’d been in but they did not open it so I am still unsure how that works and how long it takes. Is there a set time they have to make the open or closed decision? I felt it should be open during the summer, but it wasn’t for our game.

In left field, their mascot had a den like area with a slide that he would shoot down whilst fireworks exploded around him whenever the Brewers scored. That was really cool to see. Part of the fun on a stadium trip is to see what sorts of stunts the mascots pull during the game to keep the crowd pumped.

This was better than most we would see but not the best entertainment. We found a hotel near the stadium and set about our second trait of the trip: find another stadium, game! The internet was really just starting, so we were able to use that to determine game times. We had to use maps for driving directions however. Somewhere on this leg we encounter passing a car: road head, a woman was blowing some guy while he drove. We had to speed up to get a quick peek, just to confirm it happened, that we bore witness. So funny, we had to slow down we were laughing so hard.

Our lodging was based solely on a Motel 6 catalog we picked somewhere in OK or MO.