Dream trip day 12   bus to Munich, police stop, liters of bier 

Wake up and shower with over an hour til bus leaves.

Walk back the route I arrived and much different in the daylight, it’s residential and not scary other than a few locked gardens.

Get a coffee and a box of noodles from train station and find the bus area.

Everything is late it seems but people began freaking out as there isn’t any place to post info, no TVs so they ask drivers who just shake their heads, wait.

A bus with no marking arrives and I see the driver throwing on a logo magnet for the bus company I need. This was it and only 40min late.

Bus isn’t close to full so pick a back seat window.

Take brief nap then stare out the window. 

The landscapes is so lush, green like out of a movie. 

Wind farms, solar panels and small villages dot the countryside.

It begins to rain and I see more signs for Munchen.

We suddenly pull over to rest area, I see police cars, vans are all around us.

Two plain clothes men board asking for IDs and passports. They look like dudes from Miami Vice, metrosexual with fashionable clothes.

They take docs into a van with computers for 20 min or so and even give the driver the business, well loud talking so not sure if conversation or debate in German.

They give us our things back. 

One guy they keep patting down but not sure what they ask him. Soon they drive off, no reason or explanation in German to anyone why they needed or info or what stop was for.

We spill out to a huge bus only area, connected to the back of the rail line.

I walk down many streets as it sprinkles, passing by many African men drinking dark beers and joking around in front of barber and food joints.

I walk by where Oktoberfest is held, now hosting a reggae fest, still big but not acres big like Oktoberfest tents.

I find my hostel and settle in, so good to drop backpack after a day.

I sit and wait to check in as a lot are checking out or milling around lobby due to rain.

I see that there is a leak in our room so I get a towel and at least make the wooden floors not a slip risk, I doubt they will fix while we are here.

I go outside but soon must seek shelter, it’s hard rain and many return to hostel soaked.

Always pack a raincoat, otherwise you get to stare at the rain from your room or take a Mother Nature shower.

The fire alarm rings and then several firemen arrive. Source of alarm is burned toast.

Rain breaks so I find a doner spot. I order in German but everyone seems to know and responds in English.

I make it back to the hostel just as it rains hard again but with thunder cracks.

Hostel bar has cheap beers for a couple hours so I get a couple drafts and call it a night.

Fall asleep to sounds of rain and snoring by my bunk mates.

Beer: Lowenbraü

Song: Rammstien Du Hast